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To look for a new job?

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Gymboree567 Thu 21-Jul-16 08:27:05

I like my job, I mean the actual work
But, I feel lonely there, and have no friends
It's quite cliquey and only a small place, 9 people work there, me, 2 elderly, 1 recluse and the clique of 5
The 5 all chat to me, we seem to have a laugh and get on, but it's fake, 2 of them are the ring leaders, they bitch about everyone so I know they bitch about me too, the other day when I walked into a meeting they were nudging each other and giggling (very mature) and I heard one say "told you she would" (I think they were referring to my clothes I'm not sure)
They go out for drinks and birthdays regularly but I'm not invited, they used to try and hide it from me, one person mentioned it in passing in front of me and was shot down and talked over like they didn't want me to know, now they don't even bother to hide it, openly asking each other what time they will meet etc
I know I'm only there for the money but it would have been nice to make friends there
Would you suck it up and stay and take it for what it is, or would you look for something else and risk leaving a job you like with no guarantees the same thing won't happen again?

TheNotoriousPMT Thu 21-Jul-16 08:33:03

No harm in looking.

In the mean time, make friends with the recluse and the elderly.

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