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What is BSHG?

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notfornothing Wed 20-Jul-16 14:50:29

I'm posting here for traffic.
Please help ne find what is BSHG?
I got a text:

DPD driver John will deliver your BSHG order today 13:01-14:01.

Then it turned out they attempted delivery at our old address, no one was there. And no one went to collect from depot as we live 1000mls away
I believe now it has been returned to sender.
And i still can't figure out what it is?

GaryGilmoresEyes Wed 20-Jul-16 14:58:11

Bosch Home UK according to their email address.
Try ringing DPD and see if they can shed any light on it.

notfornothing Wed 20-Jul-16 16:00:32

I called them, they have no clue

ABloodyDifficultWoman Wed 20-Jul-16 16:04:44

It's not one of those DPD scam texts is it? I'm not sure I remember how it works but I know there was something like this doing the rounds a while back.

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