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To ask what is the best self-help book you've ever read and how it changed your life?

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Flamingo1980 Wed 20-Jul-16 13:15:19

I'm needing a big kick up the bum and to make big, permanent and positive changes in my life and so looking to you gorgeous people for your experiences and recommendations.
I'm currently reading 'The chimp paradox' which is brilliant but when I finish it I would like more books to get me on the right path.
What do you recommend?

freakinthemorning Wed 20-Jul-16 13:18:11

Probably not what you're after unless you have an abusive shit of a DP, but Lundy Bancorft's Why Does He Do that changed my life forever.

If I ever met that man I would hug him for a long, long time.

OhStacey Wed 20-Jul-16 13:21:14

7 habits is supposed to be good.

He's just not that into you changed my dating habits and it's called a break up because it's broken always helped me move on.

LuciaInFurs Wed 20-Jul-16 13:22:03

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. It gave me the confidence to try online dating and I met my DH and we've been married a year now. I keep meaning to read it again.

youshouldcancelthecheque Wed 20-Jul-16 13:22:06

Its really old but "Feel the Fear and do it anyway" is very good, I cant remember entire content but I left my partner of 11 years after reading it, this was 16 years ago and I still use the phrase "Feel the fear and do it anyway" as a bit of a mantra. Will find a link

youshouldcancelthecheque Wed 20-Jul-16 13:22:59

BursarsFrogs Wed 20-Jul-16 13:24:00

Not sure if it really counts as selfhelp, or will help you, but Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig is great for anyone struggling with depression. I wouldn't say it's changed my life, but it's helped me go on. smile

user1468312125 Wed 20-Jul-16 13:27:30

I guess it depends what you're looking for, but I liked A Woman in Your Own Right by Anne Dickson. Read it years ago and some of the lessons in assertiveness have been really helpful in my life. How to say "no" especially.

Northumberlandlass Wed 20-Jul-16 13:32:43

Feel the Fear is a good one - definitely helped me through some dark times.

macromolecule Wed 20-Jul-16 13:44:31

Reinventing Your Life by Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko really did help change my life. I was a mess and it helped me to untangle the threads of what was wrong.

Can I have two? Later on, Loving What Is by Byron Katie changed the way I think about absolutely everything.

biggles50 Wed 20-Jul-16 13:54:43

Healing back pain by dr John sarno, the power of now by eckhart tolle, your erroneous zones by wayne dyer and the game of life and how to play it by Florence scovel shinn. All but the first are uploaded on YouTube and free to listen to. John sarno has to be my own personal hero. Happy reading/listening.

biggles50 Wed 20-Jul-16 13:57:49

Oh you asked how it had changed our lives. Well dr Sarno is responsible for helping in the "cure" of two decades of chronic neck pain. I'm now pain free. The other books helped with living in the moment but now that the pain has gone I'm better at appreciating all that I have.

biggles50 Wed 20-Jul-16 13:59:32

If you're looking for a kick up the bum listen to Brian Tracy, again all free on YouTube.

RNBrie Wed 20-Jul-16 14:09:18

Feel The Fear here too. Changed my life!

TheNaze73 Wed 20-Jul-16 14:40:28

The Good Psychopath's Guide to Success

JellyBellyKelly Wed 20-Jul-16 15:01:17

Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay

Helped me see a toxic relationship for what it was. Left DP, went on to meet DH.

I truly believe without that book my life would have turned out very differently

Flamingo1980 Wed 20-Jul-16 15:11:00

The good psychopaths guide to success?? Explain please!!

Winterbiscuit Wed 20-Jul-16 15:22:20

Another vote for "A Woman in Your Own Right". It's quite old now but still very relevant.

boldlygoingsomewhere Wed 20-Jul-16 15:22:29

Women Who Run With Wolves- Clarissa Pinkola Estes - made me think about how to be authentically myself as a woman and consider ways in which I'd been 'tamed'.

Flourishing- Maureen Gaffney Read it when I was having a terrible time at work - bullying culture and lots of gaslighting. It really helped me to understand that it was not my fault and how organisations and people can flourish.

Chikara Wed 20-Jul-16 15:42:42

Susie Orbach, "Fat is a Feminist Issue" -read it when it was first published in1978. Changed my life. I still tend to gain weight but I no longer eat compulsively in the way I used to and I understood that I wasn't mad, evil or totally lacking in any control at all. At the time the book was pretty ground breaking I think - much of what it said has since become commonly understood - but then....!

Vanillafox Wed 20-Jul-16 15:46:26

Jason Vale's 'Slim for Life' is amazing. I lost 3 stone in 3 months after reading it and have kept it off easily. Not a traditional 'self-help' book but it was a game changer for me.

cjt110 Wed 20-Jul-16 15:47:32

Placemarking. I could do with some stress, anxiety type books

MsStricty Wed 20-Jul-16 15:48:45

Another one for "Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It's an odyssey, and I pick it up and read it in increments, and have done so, off and on, for over 10 years - but I always seem to find the right section just when I need it the most.

RortyCrankle Wed 20-Jul-16 15:58:23

Louise L Hay's 'You can Heal Your Life'. It helped me in many ways.

RortyCrankle Wed 20-Jul-16 15:59:03

Forgot to add the link:

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