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AIBU or am I being a mug??

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Blueskyday80 Tue 19-Jul-16 16:28:40

I have had a friend for over 25 years however she has a history of being really selfish. We did not speak once for a few years after I had DS and she did not contact me in anyway in the months afterwards. Not a card or a visit. I did suffer from PND and felt really let down by her. When we started talking again I did explain to her how hurt I was by this and she said she would try to be better.
Recently I have had a really tough few months and invited her down to visit me as I really could do with a good chat with a friend over a bottle of wine. We live about an hour and a half drive from each other and the last two times we have met up I have gone to see her. I thought it was fair to ask her to come and visit me. She does not have a car but it takes the same amount of time on the train. She messaged be back and said come and visit her. I have a sprained wrist (which she knew) so I can't drive I texted back and said sorry I can't drive at the moment because of my wrist (to be honest even if I could drive I don't think it was my turn). Since then no reply from her for two weeks.
I feel let down again. She gets the train other places, is financially well off and no DC. I did not even give a date just a when would you be free to meet up in the next month?
AIBU to ask her to get on the train just once? Especially since I have had a really tough few months which she knows? Or am I expecting much? I have a very difficult relationship with my family so perhaps I ask too much of my friends. It seems petty to end a 25 year friendship for one missed night out but I feel she always lets me down?

ginghamstarfish Tue 19-Jul-16 16:32:04

If you're the only one making an effort then this friendship is pretty one sided ... sorry OP but sounds like you might need to ditch her.

tofutti Tue 19-Jul-16 16:36:14

She sounds flakey.

I wouldn't necessarily end the friendship but I would take a step back, mentally detach and leave the ball in her court. Don't make yourself too available to her i.e. if she wants to meet up, tell her it will have to be at your place/town.

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