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Class Rep - Should I or shouldn't I?

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holeinyourhead Tue 19-Jul-16 14:04:20

I run my own business. It's going well, it's very hard work and pretty relentless but very rewarding and I really enjoy it. I had a bit of a breakdown 9 months ago and took some time off as it just overwhelmed me, that and some other stuff which is now behind me. I'm much better now. However my 2 kids' classes are looking for class reps this year. I've never done it and while I want to help I am nervous about a) what a crap job I would do with everything else going on and b) what it actually entails.

I feel like I should do it. But where are all the other people out there, it annoys me that it's always the same faces showing up to help and I do my bit in many other ways, I read, I go on school trips, I bake cakes and help out on stalls etc. I am being put under some pressure by the existing class reps, one of whom told me she sits on numerous committees and has a full time job so if she can do it, anyone can. Like, FFS! Any ideas? AIBU by being so reluctant? Or am I just overthinking it and it'll be fine? My DH thinks I am nuts to be even considering it.

marblestatue Tue 19-Jul-16 14:11:57

If you're going to resent it and feel like no-one else is helping then it might not be for you, unless you perhaps give up some of your other volunteering.

nilbyname Tue 19-Jul-16 14:13:53

I wouldn't.

Keep doing the other bits, but don't be class rep.

Finola1step Tue 19-Jul-16 14:19:33

Don't do it this year. There will be other years where you feel you can do more.

The key to not becoming overwhelmed is recognising when it is right for you to say "No". It has taken me a very, very long time to learn this and I so wish I had known this through my 20s and 30s.

Witchend Tue 19-Jul-16 14:54:07

It depends on the school, and in some cases the parents, how much work it is.
I did it for a couple of years. Basically I organised collections for the teachers at Christmas and end of year and asked people if they'd be happy to help at PTA events. And people tended to email me with things like "help, what time is open afternoon?" or "can you let me know whether we can park in the car park when we come for the school disco?"
Most of which I could answer as when I did it I was on dc3.

The person who took over from me was very enthusiastic for the first year. We even had form update newsletters. they started every fortnight in September, and decreased from there. I think we got one at the end of the summer term apologising for it being the only one. grin

holeinyourhead Tue 19-Jul-16 15:56:04

Thanks a lot ladies. I have since heard that 2 others have volunteered and we might now share it between 3 of us. I can handle that I think! Really appreciate your help! x

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