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Saving for the future

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DollyBarton Tue 19-Jul-16 09:46:08

Not quite a TAAT but thinking about the discussion on how big a financial safety net people have I started to wonder if people also consider preparing for possible job losses or financial hard times by gaining skills and abilities. AIBU to think that for the most part people don't? Maybe it's the case that people are not taught to be resourceful and multi skilled like they were in the old days where it was standard for people to know how things worked, were made and how to fix them.

I personally work for myself so it's constantly on my mind how I can make money and what sellable skills I have. I'm planning a html course in September to ensure I can create websites. I'm learning to knit and studying about it in order to set up a new business in that area. I study SEO techniques also to have another area I can advise potential clients in. I always feel I'm behind in my skills and there is so much more to do but learning new skills doesn't necessarily take much cost but could potentially be a very wise investment of time in the case that your job goes belly up.

So AIBU to think people these days don't think of new skills as something to put in the bank for a rainy day?

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