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Flexible working

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messystressy Tue 19-Jul-16 07:00:27

My company prides itself on work/life balance, flexible working, working from home and making time up etc. (We all constantly exceed our contractual 35 hours per week). Last week, a colleague left an hour early to attend a speed awareness course.This week another left at lunch and finished the day working from home (non-emergency). I asked for an hour (and make time up) for a school piano recital. I was told to take a half day holiday. This is the first time I have not used a holiday to begin with (because my colleagues don't seem to need to use holidays for an hour here, an hour there for non-essential, emergency why should I?).

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Tue 19-Jul-16 07:03:09

Did they perhaps ask in advance for permission, and you've left it too late?

messystressy Tue 19-Jul-16 07:11:28

No, they were all notified on the day/week before so no different to me.

branofthemist Tue 19-Jul-16 07:12:53

Why don't you ask?

Pseudonym99 Tue 19-Jul-16 07:13:52

Have you got loads of holiday left to take or something?

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