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AIBU Youngest DD with a temperature

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BagPusscatnip Mon 18-Jul-16 15:25:54

My youngest DD (2.8) has got yet another temperature. She had one last week and we took her to urgent care, waited for 3 hours, and were told they couldn't see any infection and that it was probably viral. She had been running a temp of up to 39.4 for 48 hours. The temperature eventually got better. She seems to have high temperatures at least every month and I don't think she is teething any more.

She has woken up this morning with another temperature and I'm treating her with calpol and ibuprofen. She is tired and miserable.

I work 3 days a week Tues-Thurs and can't keep taking time off because she has a temperature which usually amounts to nothing. The problem is that nursery phone me whenever she has a temperature and I feel like I have to collect her (I commute an hour each way to work). WIBU to send her to nursery as usual and ask them to treat with ibuprofen and let her rest if need be?

My eldest DD had pretty much grown out of all of the usual nursery illnesses by this stage, so this is a bit new for me.

Sorry for the long post

Haudyerwheesht Mon 18-Jul-16 15:26:48

Yes yabu. What is her temperature before calpol?

Notso Mon 18-Jul-16 15:45:40

I think you would be unreasonable to send her to nursery if she is tired and miserable with a temperature. Well with one maybe ok.
I used to work in daycare and most places I worked in wouldn't have accepted a child who needed medicine to control a fever unless a teething baby.
It is frustrating for you though. Is there nobody else who can help you out?

BagPusscatnip Mon 18-Jul-16 15:46:25

It is 38.2 before calpol today. So what would you do with a child who has regular temperatures when I have been repeatedly told it is viral by the GP and urgent care? How do I juggle work and her being ill if IABU by sending her to nursery?

BagPusscatnip Mon 18-Jul-16 15:48:15

It's so frustrating Notso. My husband has also taken his fair share of time off with her. It just seems to be one thing after another sad

SofiaAmes Mon 18-Jul-16 15:50:12

Not to scare you or anything.....My ds got colds and high temperatures all the time as a baby. We had a child minder who was willing to take him even when running a temp, but later when he went to a nursery and then to school, I finally had to reduce to part time hours and eventually stop working altogether. It sucks. He was finally diagnosed with a genetic disease when he was 11. He's 15 now and we are finally managing all his symptoms and I am just starting to get back to working a few hours a week.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 18-Jul-16 15:54:58

Yabu to send her to nursery, I realise it's frustrating for you though.

BagPusscatnip Mon 18-Jul-16 15:57:34

That's awful Sofia. I'm Glad you are finally managing your DS's condition. I don't think she has anything like that though as this has only been in the last 9 months or so. She has also had tonsillitis and an ear infection in this time.

arethereanyleftatall Mon 18-Jul-16 16:00:51

My dd1 was like this. I'm ised to it now. I know that for her a temp of 39 doesn't mean much whereas same temp for dd2 that would be more serious. I wouldn't say 38.2 for a child who often has high temps is particularly high. A friend of mine used to take her dcs temps when they were well and go by the difference.

RumbleMum Mon 18-Jul-16 16:05:16

I don't have any practical advice I'm afraid but just wanted to say there is anecdotal evidence that some young children react to any virus (including colds) with a fever. My niece is like this and it's a nightmare in terms of my sister's job. Fortunately she has a CM who understands the situation and will take her if it's clear DN just had s minor virus and is ok when dosed up.

Sympathy - it must be so hard for you.

BagPusscatnip Mon 18-Jul-16 16:12:43

Thank you, there is some really great advice here. I feel like she does just seem to react to everything with a temperature, but can often be well in herself, especially after having some Calpol. It just makes me feel like such a crap and guilty mum.

BeckyMcDonald Mon 18-Jul-16 16:17:24

If a child is fine within themselves then a temperature is nothing at all to worry about. I don't even think I'd notice if my children had a temperature without any other symptoms. Why would nursery be even taking her temp with no other signs of illness? I certainly wouldn't keep 'treating' it with medication when there's nothing wrong. I don't even own a thermometer TBH. I can't believe nursery would send a child home because they're a bit hot confused

facepalming Mon 18-Jul-16 16:21:17

yabvu. I totally get your frustration - but so will all the other parents that will be in the same boat when your child infects them!

We all complain how much our kids pick up at nursery and in no small part that's caused by parents who 'dose and dump'

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