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AIBU with my OH?

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MilliesMum15 Sat 16-Jul-16 15:11:17

My OH has just put ant killer down in our bathroom, we had a big any problem last year in our house and this year we've been trying to get on top of it. We have a cat and a 14 month old DD. I bought the ant killer last year but after my mum told me it was posion I refused to use it because obviously with a baby and a cat in the house I'm not prepared to put them at risk. I've been using boiling water and talcum powder as soon as I found a nest and that was working perfectly. Went out for a fag about 30 mins ago and saw loads of ants crawling out of a gap in our house confused so I called OH to help and then he went into the bathroom and found TWO ants. I've been reading a lot about ants and these are obviously the scout ants. He started ranting and raving and I said I'd deal with it, and went to get the bleach and some hot water to wipe down the walls and get rid of the scent before putting more talcum powder down (ants hate talcum powder). Come into the bathroom to see him with the ant killer in his hand telling me that he's 'sorted it' so I go absolutely mad at him because he's just put poison in our bathroom! My daughter can open doors (she's tall) so I can't even shut the door to keep her out. AIBU? What do I do with the ant killer? Can I hoover it up? Any advice appreciated!!

MilliesMum15 Sat 16-Jul-16 15:37:58

Add - he's put the ant killer in a hole underneath our sink, so I can't reach it with the hoover I have asthma and it's killing my lungs to go in the bathroom but I stink after being in hospital all day yesterday with sciatica was seriously looking forward to a nice bath and now I can't even breathe properly in the bathroom sad and yes I know I'm an asthmatic smoker I'm trying to quit as my asthma has recently come back

Birdsgottafly Sat 16-Jul-16 15:43:34


There are cat friendly ant killers, but there are also natural remedies, that you found were working.

He should be hoovering it up and getting rid of it from under the sink.

It's not something that needs ranting about and it'll probably be a yearly issue.

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