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To worry about the safety of baby headbands?

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CatThiefKeith Sat 16-Jul-16 11:57:53

A few women in my friendship group and/or with children in dd's class have had baby daughters recently, and have all been putting flowers and bows on their babies heads. They have all been bought from a local seller on FB I believe.

AIBU to worry that:

1. They may not conform to safety standards and therefore pose a choking risk and

2. It will be 30 degrees here by Monday, the poor little mites might overheat.

Headbands are similar too, but slightly larger than the ones shown.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 16-Jul-16 12:05:09

I just think that look really uncomfortable but you can't control what people choose to dress their babies in.

DonkeyOaty Sat 16-Jul-16 12:07:33

Yes no safety standards would make me wary

Also why would you want to squeeze your baba's head - I hate headbands and am veh veh old

I spose better than being taken for a yukky boy though [sarcasm]

MissDuke Sat 16-Jul-16 12:11:12

I personally dislike this too, babies look so much better without them! I also don't think they are safe however I have recently realised that I may be slightly OTT about what I regard as unsafe, so this may fall into that category - I don't know!

NeedACleverNN Sat 16-Jul-16 12:14:41

I seriously doubt they will cause them to overheat. If a sun hat doesn't, a head band won't.

Choking hazard, most parents are around when the child is wearing them so yes yabu on both things

BeckyMcDonald Sat 16-Jul-16 12:16:47

My worry is they would slip down around the neck and may get tangled and pose a choking risk. But then again people think it's fine to put those Amber necklace things on their kids, despite warnings, so what do I know?

Plus also, I think they look ridiculous.

Sirzy Sat 16-Jul-16 12:17:12

I don't think the overheating is an issue but I would worry about choke risk.

But then again I don't like the silly beaded dummy clips for the same reason!

LaurieMarlow Sat 16-Jul-16 12:17:30

I think it's very unlikely they'd do any harm. Particularly on the overheating thing. Of course they won't overheat.


Birdsgottafly Sat 16-Jul-16 12:18:30

The people that I know make them, do conform to safety standards.

The dummy chains and Gaurdian Angels that hang from Prams are more of a choking risk.

They don't cause the baby to heat up, because the material is light and only covers inches of the head.

But we all need something to feel smug about, so carry on.

Birdsgottafly Sat 16-Jul-16 12:19:06

I'm 48, btw.

Janefromdowntheroad Sat 16-Jul-16 12:20:09

I'd be more concerned at my baby looking like a giant wrapped up Easter egg

MackerelOfFact Sat 16-Jul-16 12:21:53

What's the point of them? Babies are beautiful, why would you look at your newborn and think 'well you're kinda cute, but what you really need is a huge naff plastic flower stuck to your head, then you'll be really lovely.'

I don't get it. But obviously there are people who like them.

NavyandWhite Sat 16-Jul-16 12:22:43

Can't be comfortable can they?

Apart from looking absolutely stupid.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sat 16-Jul-16 12:22:56

I don't like them but I don't think they're dangerous. Unless there are tiny bits that could come off and end up in the child's mouth there is no way one of those giant feckers is going to be more of a choking risk than a muslin or cardigan.

bumsexatthebingo Sat 16-Jul-16 12:23:27

The big ones look awful but I used to have thin ones and little clips for dd to keep her hair out of her eyes. Just made sure she only wore them when I was with her/didn't let her sleep with them in. She lived.

CatThiefKeith Sat 16-Jul-16 12:23:36

Babies in question range from 3 weeks to about 5 months. I can't really say anything without causing offence but I do worry about them pulling the diamantes or the petals off and putting them in their mouths.

I'm not being smug at all. Dsis choked on a piece of honeycomb I had dropped on her by accident when she was about 5 months old so I'm probably a bit paranoid about choking.

P1nkP0ppy Sat 16-Jul-16 12:23:57

They make me cringe, why on earth would anyone think in makes a baby look even more beautiful?
Hideous fashion inflicted upon the baby.

reallyanotherone Sat 16-Jul-16 12:26:34

Any safety risk posed is a minor worry compared to having your baby girl mistaken for a boy.

Looks and being pretty are the highest priority where baby girls are concerned.

any of these babies the first girl after a boy by any chance?

WeirdAndPissedOff Sat 16-Jul-16 12:28:19

I'd be a little worried too.
Re the dummy clips - I had a friend who sold these on FB, to get around any safety issues causing her trouble later down the line she advertised them as bring for reborn dolls, no mention if real babies.

QueenLaBeefah Sat 16-Jul-16 12:31:49

They are hideously ugly.

differentnameforthis Sat 16-Jul-16 12:36:57

Some are them are very tight too...I was told by a paediatrician not to use them after dd had to have a consult for plagiocephaly. I never used them, but it was his standard advice.

He said they can make the plates in the skull fuse incorrectly.

I hate seeing babies with them on for this reason.

Toocold Sat 16-Jul-16 12:38:08

Surely they could be a strangulation risk? Or am I being over the top?!

CatThiefKeith Sat 16-Jul-16 12:38:33

really two are first babies, two have older sisters and one has an older brother so not really.

user1468138738 Sat 16-Jul-16 12:40:19

It's stage one in "Women, look 'nice', regardless of comfort"

mum2Bomg Sat 16-Jul-16 12:41:47

Ive just found out I'm having a girl in November and there is NO WAY I'm going to be putting one of these on her head. I think they're awful!!!

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