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Received hate mail through the post - inform police?

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GeordieBadgers Fri 15-Jul-16 13:46:59

I realise this is probably going to sound trollish and unbelievable.

Today some rather bitchy hate mail arrived at my address (sent through the post from somewhere local). It didn't mention violence but it was emotionally threatening and vile (referred to my body, my parenting). I have quite severe mental health problems (depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder) so this hate mail has made me feel deeply scared. I suspect I know who it is from (but of course, cannot prove). To avoid drip-feeding:

A few months ago I was seeing a NHS therapist to deal with my mental health issues. He tried it on with me (serious stuff - got my personal details from my records and messaged me, turned up at my house, tried to kiss me, etc). I reported him. He lost his job. Consequently his wife has made no secret that she hates me. We all live in the same small town. She probably had something to do with the hate mail.

I realise that due to my mental health issues I'm more disturbed by the hate mail than perhaps the average Joe would be. If you felt as scared as I do, would you inform police? Could they even help?

Thanks in advance everyone.

OVienna Fri 15-Jul-16 13:50:27

Yes I definitely would inform the police. Poor you. Do you have someone in real life you can speak to about this this though? I think it's important someone is aware of it in case - in the worst case scenario - things escalated.

AlistairSim Fri 15-Jul-16 13:52:02

Absolutely inform thee police!
Sorry this is happening to you OP.

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Fri 15-Jul-16 13:52:24

You have to go to the police. Without being alarmist, I would worry very much about escalation.

CaoNiMao Fri 15-Jul-16 13:52:47

Absolutely report it to the police.

Pootles2010 Fri 15-Jul-16 13:52:57

Absolutely tell the police asap, with all the history, and see what they say. Oh and don't touch the letter in the meantime.

RaspberryOverload Fri 15-Jul-16 13:53:12

Go to the police and explain everything you've put here, taking the letter with you.

CoraPirbright Fri 15-Jul-16 13:53:12

Yes, I would def inform the police. Sounds awful for you. Not sure what they could do at this juncture but it would be wise to keep them appraised of everything.

FlyingElbows Fri 15-Jul-16 13:53:23

Yes I would. I understand that your mh issues mean that you might react more emotionally than others (and it's good that you do too) but nobody deserves to feel threatened in their own home. You're not "fair game" as a patient and, if you're right, this is serious. It'll do no harm to talk to the police.

BorpBorpBorp Fri 15-Jul-16 13:54:00

Yes. If it was just a random one-off letter I might not, but with the back-story about the therapist and his wife I would definitely inform the police. I don't know what I would expect them to do right now, but you should make sure they and you have a record of it in case it carries on or escalates.

KleineDracheKokosnuss Fri 15-Jul-16 13:54:05

Yes.tell the police and give them the whole back story. Don't put it off or delay. This sort of thing has to be nipped in the bud fast

glasgowlass Fri 15-Jul-16 13:54:12

You must report to police. They will take this seriously. You poor thing. I completely understand why this would be so upsetting, it would upset the majority of us without the added on anxiety issues etc. Please report this today, you will get support from police force flowers

Scarydinosaurs Fri 15-Jul-16 13:55:40

Absolutely contact the police and try to avoid touching it or letting anyone else touch it.

HildurOdegard Fri 15-Jul-16 13:57:37

Yes, and contact your CPN for some extra support. x

specialsubject Fri 15-Jul-16 14:02:19

Good god - report it now. This is threatening behaviour and the culprit will get in big trouble.

Good for you for reporting, and for doing it before.

candybar007 Fri 15-Jul-16 14:04:20

Yes you must tell the police, try not to touch the letter anymore there may be fingerprints.

lalalalyra Fri 15-Jul-16 14:04:35

Most certainly report it. What a repugnant piece the sender is. How dare they make you feel vulnerable in your own home. It would upset anyone that so please don't worry that you are over-reacting in any way.

EsmeraldaEllaBella Fri 15-Jul-16 14:05:42

Inform the police. And think about reporting it to anyone involved in your own care too, you have to look after yourself as this must be very distressing for you flowers

Topseyt Fri 15-Jul-16 14:06:00

Yes, absolutely report it to the police, with all of the details you have described here too.

I should think it could be an offence under the Malicious Communications Act.

MagicMojito Fri 15-Jul-16 14:08:09

That sounds awful, I think most people would be more than a little concerned in your shoes! Absolutely ring the police (not 999 obviously!) But do get it logged and on record. Agree with a pp who would be worrying about potential escalation.

Hope your OK.

Topseyt Fri 15-Jul-16 14:08:46

Oh, and repugnant though the letter is, keep it to show to the police.

TopazRocks Fri 15-Jul-16 14:11:48

Absolutely report this. Depending on motivation, it could be regarded as a hate crime. And I don't think your reaction is OTT. Anyone would find this deeply unpleasant and scary. But then i have MH problems too!! You need some RL support too - as well as police - e.g. GP, MH team. Get a plastic bag and place letter AND envelope in it - then call police. Just do it, don't overthink things, just make the initial contact. You have done nothing wrong.

FlyingElbows Fri 15-Jul-16 14:19:21

Please do talk to your support team about it too. They can support you with how it makes you feel and also support you with the inevitable response of the other party which will focus on your mh issues. Forewarned is forearmed smile

AdoraBell Fri 15-Jul-16 14:23:48

YY, keep the letter and envelope and report it.

I'm sorry this has happened to you. thanks

mummytime Fri 15-Jul-16 14:24:44

Inform the police - tell them everything in your OP.
They can help. Do also talk to those involved with your care. The police should also give you the details of victims support, who you can also contact.

Whatever do not leave this unreported. If it continues there are further legal steps you can take, to protect yourself.

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