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to think the Ocado Mexican section should actually contain something that is Mexican

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mamamea Thu 14-Jul-16 14:28:52

it seems to be fajitas, chili con carne, doritos and other such tex-mex stuff.

JinkxMonsoon Thu 14-Jul-16 14:43:59

But that's mainstream "Mexican" food, isn't it?

What sort of thing were you hoping to find?

CaoNiMao Thu 14-Jul-16 14:45:39

That's what "Mexican" is to most people! Your average Joe Bloggs doesn't care that it's not authentic Oaxacan fare.

MadHattersWineParty Thu 14-Jul-16 14:46:12

That's what you get when you go to most 'Mexican' restaurants around here.

Pinkheart5915 Thu 14-Jul-16 14:47:51

That is what most people think "Mexican" is

What was you looking for?

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Thu 14-Jul-16 14:49:45

Yeah, the only decent foreign food section of Ocado is the French one. The Spanish one is all paella pans and chorizo. It's all very stereotypical stuff.

Another one who wants to know what you were looking for! [nosy]

00100001 Thu 14-Jul-16 14:52:19

What 'real' Mexican food would you like to see?

blushrush Thu 14-Jul-16 14:59:53

I assume the OP means food like mole poblano, tamales, quesadillas and Frijoles - stuff like that.

Chances are you won't find that in supermarket fare, no matter how open-minded they try to be. They have to sell stuff people want and most will not have heard of half of these.

Could always try a World Foods store?

michy27 Thu 14-Jul-16 15:09:40

You could always make something up?

mamamea Thu 14-Jul-16 15:30:27

I was hoping for things like tomatillos (canned is fine), masa harina, epazote, corn tortillas (they only sell wheat or mixed ones), ancho chilis and other kinds of dried chilis.

I don't understand why they can have a Malaysian section where everything is imported from Malaysia, but the Mexican section is all made in Milton Keynes (or similar) and bears almost no resemblance to what you might find in Mexico.,

alphabook Thu 14-Jul-16 15:35:16

Surely the authentic world foods in supermarkets are predominantly bought by people from those countries, or with a family background from those countries. I don't think the UK has a very big Mexican population... there obviously isn't the market for it.

positivity123 Thu 14-Jul-16 15:36:47

Life's a bitch isn't it.
Supply and demand probably but I agree that canned tomatillos would be good

mamamea Thu 14-Jul-16 15:38:59

Maybe we could invite 50,000 Mexicans here then?

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Thu 14-Jul-16 15:40:24

You can get ancho and other dried chillis from Tesco - they have their own 'world ingredients' range. I do get where you're coming from though, but I don't think the demand is there, in line with what alphabook just said.

A British supermarket is never going to have a comprehensive world foods section, unless the local population contains a significant amount of people from those countries. Have you tried websites like Sous Chef for ingredients?

LilacSpunkMonkey Thu 14-Jul-16 15:41:01

They have a Malaysian food section?

What's in there?

We're having burritos tonight as it happens. A real faff but bloody gorgeous.

mamamea Thu 14-Jul-16 15:43:38

the Malaysian section has instant noodles (Malaysian brands), various spice pastes, rice cubes, sauces, and some steamed cakes (frozen).

SquinkiesRule Thu 14-Jul-16 15:48:48

I was looking for Corn tortillas too, only in Asda grin I like homemade corn chips, using cut up corn tortillas.
Dh tries to live on quesadillas and makes Burritos for Dd every time I'm working late, it's his go to fast dinner.
At least in Asda they sell Refried beans, even if they are Old El Paso make or some such rubbish.

mamamea Thu 14-Jul-16 15:54:05

refried beans are quite easy, you just soak your beans overnight, boil them for a few hours with some onion, and then fry them in pork lard.

time consuming, but easy.

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Thu 14-Jul-16 15:54:17

I love the Malaysian spice and curry pastes they do - the offer good meal deals with those. The Kampong Koh garlic chilli hot sauce is like crack.

Katedotness1963 Thu 14-Jul-16 16:10:24 international food section? It would probably be expensive though...

BarleysFiddle Thu 14-Jul-16 16:17:35

Based in Dublin but Lily is from Mexico so all authentic. I'm not affiliated but have bought from there a few times.

AcrossthePond55 Thu 14-Jul-16 16:44:16

Ugh. Those things aren't even Tex-Mex! I grew up in So Cal in an agricultural area and good Mexican food was everywhere.

Corn tortillas are really easy to make if you can get your hands on some masa. It's just masa, hot water, and a pinch of salt. has good recipes for authentic foods and even has a recipe for making masa harina.

Amazon is your friend. You can order masa. It's pricy though!!

MsRinky Thu 14-Jul-16 16:50:04

Free postage if you spend £35, brilliant service.

whois Thu 14-Jul-16 16:55:40

I was hoping for things like tomatillos (canned is fine), masa harina, epazote, corn tortillas (they only sell wheat or mixed ones), ancho chilis and other kinds of dried chilis.

ancho chilli for you in waitrose

not waitrose but amazon tomatillos

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