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EE contract misselling by Carphone Warehouse

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Deltagirl Thu 14-Jul-16 10:02:13

Don't Upgrade @CPWTweets & @EE . Horrendous customer and complaints services. Toothless ADR @Ofcom #Ageism #Misselling #VerbalVsWritten

I have endured the worst 12 months trying to resolve my mum's mobile phone contract, after billing issues with EE, caused by Carphone Warehouse misselling an upgrade offer.

ADR was useless as EE denies accountability and Carphone Warehouse not even signed up, yet they repeatedly refer customers to the ADR resolution service. Vexed.

I'm trying to keep this brief . The sales advisor's comments is being taken as fact despite his written notes and our testimony proving otherwise. Both companies were unhelpful and refused requests to put a hold on the account while Ombudsman investigates, then chose to escalate the account to debt collection agency without any warnings. Has anyone else gone through this? Is Small Claims Court any help given I've still not heard from Trading Stadards?

Strainer Thu 14-Jul-16 10:23:53

This won't help with your immediate problem, but when you do finally get free of the contract, do not sign up for another contract that locks you in for a fixed period.
It is always safer and cheaper to buy an unlocked SIM-free phone from a reputable dealer. Then you can get a monthly deal direct from a network, which you can change or cancel at any time.
And you are not paying the dealer's profit.

RedHelenB Thu 14-Jul-16 10:34:06

Git the same problem except car phonewwarehouse shouldhave xcancelled ccontrol. Tried to resolve it but not happening.

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