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To get a generic present?

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verytiredmummy1 Thu 14-Jul-16 09:00:04

Very trivial problem...I've heard that it's the done thing to get your midwife a present when you've had your baby and I want to as it'd be nice to show her some appreciation. However, I have no idea what to buy her and think I will need to get a 'generic' present such as chocolates. I don't know much about her so it's difficult to get her a thoughtful present. Do I get her a generic present or is that a bit rubbish?
First world problem I know!

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Thu 14-Jul-16 09:07:15

I've never given any of my midwives a present. The most I've done is left a box of biscuits or chocolates for the staffroom.

confusedandemployed Thu 14-Jul-16 09:08:01

I didn't get a present for my community midwife. I did, however, have a diabolical labour and I got chocs for the several hospital midwives who looked after me.

durezz Thu 14-Jul-16 09:17:30

We were so pleased with the midwives who took care of me during labour and delivered our girls that my hubby went to the nearest shop and bought them each a box of ferrero rocher. They are the ones who have to put up with the screaming women and really be hands on so IMO they deserve it so they know how appreciated they are.
Ive never given a present to my general midwife, there's nothing much they do apart from check your blood pressure and baby's heartbeat.
Going generic is fine, you don't know their personal preferences so chocolates is fine. You could even go with flowers, they're always thoughtful

NeedACleverNN Thu 14-Jul-16 09:22:33

We never gave any of our midwives a present. Never heard of anyone else doing it either

Kittykatmacbill Thu 14-Jul-16 09:22:51

Never heard of it! I did bring a blank thank you card to get my dh to write to the whole department (w specific mention of a nice mw). And also a box of chocolates (roses or something like that). I have never heard of individual presents for health care professionals being a thing, a doctor in dh's department got something from a patient and it was a bit ackward.

If you feel that a member of staff was particularly useful write a letter of thanks to them so they can use it in their revalidation / appraisals.

(Ps make sure chocolates are individually wrapped ones!)

Possibilityofanisland Thu 14-Jul-16 09:25:12

We gave ours a bottle of champagne and she was very pleased.

I had a home birth and she had done all of my appointments and attended the birth. She stayed with me for 12 hours, going way over the end of her shift.

It was the least we could do.

branofthemist Thu 14-Jul-16 09:33:51

I had a very traumatic birth with my second. I was already in hospital and ds decided he was coming before I was fully dilated, he had his cord round his neck and it all happened so quickly dh nearly missed it as it was during the night.

The mw who delivered him was fantastic, she was totally in control and wonderful to me. Kept me calm, told me everything that was happening. She really got me through it.

I took her a crammed and some flowers after. I didn't have a present prepared and never heard of this.

molyholy Thu 14-Jul-16 09:35:45

I got DH to get a box of nice biscuits for the staff

verytiredmummy1 Thu 14-Jul-16 09:57:50

Thank you for your replies. People I know were shocked I hadn't heard of doing this! Glad I'm not the only one. Chocolates it is!

Noodledoodledoo Thu 14-Jul-16 10:05:37

I am buying my community midwife a little something this time as she has been fantastic and I think gone above and beyond for me.

I am also going to write to the midwife team full of praise firstly for her benefit but also (sadly) for support in a CQC inspection. People are quick to complain but not praise and I am in a similar area where we are judged so know it does make an impact.

For last labour I was in for 7 days so took some biscuits in for each ward (ante,labour,post!) As I had had fab care throughout and wrote notes to each ward naming names!

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