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to be scared to tell work I'm pregnant

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Ilovetea82 Thu 14-Jul-16 08:42:00

I am 6 weeks pregnant, been in my job just over a year. I was made redundant during my mat leave with my first and am so scared the same thing will happen again - no logical basis for that but hey.
Very grateful to the company for hiring me and I have just been promoted, so super scared of telling them, but really want to be honest with them!!!

Help, AIBU to be such a fruitloop

Mouikey Thu 14-Jul-16 08:47:55

Check your mat policy, you don't legally need to tell them until 15 weeks before your due date. however, weight this up against telling them sooner so they can do a risk assessment for your post to keep you and baby safe... I waited until after first scan.

People forget you can be made redundant when on maternity leave, but for business reasons following correct process - not for being pregnant/on mat leave. If you are concerned now might be the time to join any in to support you if the worst were to happen, but highly unlikely.

Good luck xx

Ilovetea82 Thu 14-Jul-16 08:50:44

Thanks, there were sound business reasons for the redundancies in my last role, it just so happened that it was all females that were got rid of.

Really doubt the same situation would arise again but I'm just so badly affected by my previous experience that I am scared of saying anything.

Ilovetea82 Thu 14-Jul-16 08:50:58

We don't have a mat policy

AnythingGoesWithMe Thu 14-Jul-16 10:05:48

If your company doesn't have a policy then it goes with government guidelines I believe. Search for maternity pay and leave on the website.
They say that you don't have to tell until 25 weeks. But that it may be more beneficial if you tell sooner e.g. for risk assessments.
I didn't tell my boss until I was 13 weeks.

LittleLionMansMummy Thu 14-Jul-16 11:29:37

They clearly value you - first they appointed you, then they promoted you. I don't think you have anything to fear, just spend some time proving to them before you go on leave just how invaluable you are.

I'm in a similar situation actually. Joined my company officially (after 6 month secondment though) in Sept after redundancy in August from previous job. Got pay rise and promotion early April, having only just found out I was pregnant. I told them at 10 weeks, purely because I was showing early. I also trusted them because of how they helped me handle redundancy before officially joining them (legal loopholes etc) and I knew they thought I'd done a good job. I did also however give them a firm commitment by saying I fully intended to return - and on the same hours - after mat leave and I knew I could do it because I'd been there before with my first (who will be 6 when through baby is born).

As a relatively new company they don't have a policy either. That's the only thing that's now bothering me - I'm nearly 22 weeks and have no idea what kind of mat pay I'll get.

Ilovetea82 Thu 14-Jul-16 13:10:00

Littlelionsman thanks, I'm happy enough regarding legal entitlements I just don't want them to think I'm taking the Micky, (md already told me I should have anther and 'he wouldn't screw me over like my last company' (his words as I am not allowed an opinion on how I was treated lol) )
It's as they have been so good to me I don't want them o be annoyed by it, which I'm sure they won't be. Eg when I told my old boss first time round he told me well don't expect enhanced mat pay (I was 3 months away from qualifying for it as you needed 4 years service before they would pay)
Might tell them this pm as an informal notice - once the gossipy pa has gone for the day smile

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