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AIBU to hope I'm not being put on maternity leave?

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Belager Thu 14-Jul-16 07:09:18

I've posted this already in the staffroom, but posting here for traffic.

Just a bit of background.
I'm an NQT, just been signed off last week, and 34 weeks pregnant.

I've not had the easiest of pregnancies, and have had to take quite a bit of time of for illness, consultant appointments etc. However I do make an effort to have as many appointments in my own time, which the school is aware of.

Since my 31 week midwife appointment I've been going to the hospital every other day to be monitored for possible pre eclampsia. Again my school was informed, I would go straight after work, and I'll be in the next day, despite not leaving until 11pm most times.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with pre eclampsia and have had to stay in hospital for 24 hour observation. This means I will miss school today and tomorrow at least.

Even though I fully intend to be back ASAP (even if it means limited duties) can my school put me on maternity leave without informing me?


StealthPolarBear Thu 14-Jul-16 07:11:03

Im sure they have to inform you but why wouldn't you want to be? Sounds like you are having quite a few issues and would probably benefit from rest! Hope things go smoothly from now on.

Artandco Thu 14-Jul-16 07:12:35

i think that's what maternity leave is for surely after 30 weeks?

angelopal Thu 14-Jul-16 07:13:29

They can make you start maternity leave at 36 weeks if you are off sick due to pregnancy related illness. Though they would have to tell you.

Smartiepants79 Thu 14-Jul-16 07:14:12

Don't think they can 'put you on it' without your knowledge. There must only be a few days left of school anyway.
I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to start you ur mat leave anyway. Sounds like you could do without the stress of worry about work.

0hCrepe Thu 14-Jul-16 07:14:29

Look on the NUT website for mat leave. If you're ill from the 4th week before your baby is due then may leave starts automatically. So if you're still off sick at 36 weeks then yes it would turn into mat leave.

Patterkiller Thu 14-Jul-16 07:15:03

I'm sure if you're sick in the last four weeks of pregnancy they can enforce that your maternity leave starts flowers hope you're feeling better soon.

whatsthatnow Thu 14-Jul-16 07:15:36

I know the end of term makes a lot more sense for maternity leave for you. They may suggest it. But if you're only off for two days then they shouldn't. If you were signed off for a few weeks then they may do. I was signed off long term sick before 5 months pregnant and didn't start my maternity leave until the day baby was born. It is your choice when it starts

Crazycatladyloz82 Thu 14-Jul-16 07:16:32

I had pre eclampsia. It was shit. Please rest. Stop work. Put your feet up and put yourself first. Work isn't important at this stage

GreatFuckability Thu 14-Jul-16 07:17:07

I was signed off work at 28 weeks due to severe SPD, my ML kicked in at 36 weeks.

MargaretCavendish Thu 14-Jul-16 07:17:45

Presumably she doesn't want to start maternity leave because it'll cut into the paid/semi-paid time she was hoping for when the baby gets here! I assume, OP, that you'd like to see the end of term out so that then you'll be on holiday and can keep as much of the leave as you can for after the birth? I think you need to talk to your doctor about how realistic that is.

Belager Thu 14-Jul-16 07:19:37

I know rest is important, but if I'm back on Monday that's only 4.5 days left, and then my mat leave will start on 22/8 (day before due date). As this is the only child I will have I've planned to take a year off. That extra month of full pay will make all the difference as I'm the main wage earner.

HandWash Thu 14-Jul-16 07:23:17

I don't think they can.

How long do you have left? Just a few days surely and I can see why you want to hang in there, then start maternity leave from September and have an 'extra' 6 weeks off.

GreatFuckability Thu 14-Jul-16 07:23:32

You'd get sick pay anyway though, and still get your full mat leave pay.

Penfold007 Thu 14-Jul-16 07:23:42

Preeclampsia is a very serious condition and realistically you are unlikely to be returning to work with your HCPs blessing. The working until 11pm etc really isn't helping you or your unborn baby. Maternity leave will start automatically at 36 weeks if you are sick with a pregnancy related illness. Concentrate on your pregnancy, good luck.

Grassgreendashhabi Thu 14-Jul-16 07:24:09

I had similar and my boss explained to me that unless the doctor wrote a letter clearing me for work I could not return due to insurance.

HandWash Thu 14-Jul-16 07:24:43

Oh sorry, of course it would have to start day before DD!

Joskar Thu 14-Jul-16 07:25:33

Your maternity leave will begin at 36 weeks if you are ill until then you are off sick.

Bottomchops Thu 14-Jul-16 07:27:24

You should be signed off sick by your gp, if this pregnancy related sickness continues, your maternity leave will trigger 4 weeks before your ewc. Do not take mat leave before then. It should be normal sick leave.

Belager Thu 14-Jul-16 08:08:40

Thank you all so much for your advice!

Ditsy4 Thu 14-Jul-16 08:11:02

Your baby is the most important thing here. Perhaps SMT wer e trying to be nice and are concerned for your health. Pre- eclampsia can quickly change to toxaemia and you don't want that. I had it three out of four pregnancies just had pre- eclampsia for the third.
The last week of school is frantic and very tiring. Pop back in to say good bye to your class but no work! Someone else will pick up the reins. Get your feet up and rest. Good luck with baby.

Iggi999 Thu 14-Jul-16 09:11:44

If you end up on ML during your holidays, then some holiday will be accrued and can be used at the end, surely?
There is some very complicated way they calculate it! But having worked all year you still have an entitlement to a certain amount of paid leave.

StealthPolarBear Thu 14-Jul-16 09:13:31

Teachers holidays don't get paid so I suspect they don't accrue.

seven201 Thu 14-Jul-16 09:16:23

This sort of happened to me. I was signed off for two weeks that took me to 36+1 or something ( and was hoping to go back after but didn't as I felt rubbish) and the school emailed to tell me that my mat leave would automatically start at 36 weeks exactly. If you don't have a sick note though it wouldn't affect you I don't think.

Noodledoodledoo Thu 14-Jul-16 09:46:44

Iggi999 for some reasons teacher don't accrue holudays on mat leave like most others. confused I would try to make it but the other option to get full year which is what I did was return to work on last day of term next summer.

Take care of you and baby first 11 months off vs 12 is not so bad.

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