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To start a 'What's your best/worst school gate experience' thread?

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HappyFatty Wed 13-Jul-16 23:35:28

Bear with me .... I'm not asking if what I dad was U btw. I don't care if it was. I needed to do it!

For 2 years my DD was bullied by an awful girl in her class. The Bully's Mum was Chairperson of the School Governors so every complaint was dealt with 'with a stern word to Mum' according to the HT - basically nothing was done. I even contacted the LEA but they said HT had 'dealt with the matter to their satisfaction'
We moved schools in the end.
A year later the 2 schools merged!!!! DD was back in a class with the bully - however her Mum wasn't on the board of Governors and so she didn't bother DD at all. Any parent who's had a bullied DC you know that by that time the bullying stops the damage has been done.
Still, we're getting there.

She won't ever see this girl again as she's going to a different high school, so for my own satisfaction I needed this girls Mum to know exactly what her PFB was. Childish I know. We have been through a lot with this girl, it's my only excuse!
Which brings me to the school gate thing. My DD had her last day of Primary School today due to inset days and I had the satisfaction of telling the the class bully's Mother just how much her PFB had made my DD's life a misery. She was stood as usual with her pals at the school gate. I took the calm route - no shouting, no name calling no personal stuff. I explained in very calm bland terms how her PFB had systematically bullied my DD, how that had effected her and how it had made us feel as a family. As I was relaying all this stuff I was feeling really bad for this Woman as I would have been horrified. I need not have worried though, no indeed. She stared at me and said 'OK. I'm not sure why you'd think I'd care about your problems?' and turned her back on me. So no 'omg I'm so sorry' moment, but it felt goooood all the same!

Your turn smile

HappyFatty Wed 13-Jul-16 23:36:02


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