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to want a light grey sofa with young children?

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lill72 Wed 13-Jul-16 23:34:13

We are looking at new covers for our sofa and I have my eye on a cotton/linen light grey cover. It is block colour - ie not flecked. We will cover arms with rugs but am I mad or should I go for a dark grey which I don't like as much but would hide stains a bit more?

JammieDodgem Wed 13-Jul-16 23:41:21

Are the covers washable? M

I wanted light grey but ended up with dark as I new the inevitable marks would bother me.

MooseBeTimeForSnow Wed 13-Jul-16 23:41:48

Learn from experience. I have a light grey soda and DS, now 4.5. It has to be cleaned yearly.

Unless you do not let children eat within a 20 foot radius of it and meticulously inspect them for possible staining causes (jam, apple juice etc) before they sit down.

Chinks123 Wed 13-Jul-16 23:44:24

Don't do it op! My mother (very kindly) bought us a sofa when we moved to our new house with baby light grey. I was very grateful but it's been an absolute nightmare. We wash regularly but it's stained in places and looks mucky sad

imwithspud Wed 13-Jul-16 23:45:30

We've got gunmetal grey sofas, they're fine and stains don't show up. Would that be an option?

AppleMagic Wed 13-Jul-16 23:46:40

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

apatheticfallacy Wed 13-Jul-16 23:46:54

I have had our new leather sofas for about two months now and I am thrilled to be able to wipe them clean at least twice a day.

Previous cream fabric sofa was a nightmare even with washable covers!

apatheticfallacy Wed 13-Jul-16 23:47:37

apple magic ??!!?

lill72 Wed 13-Jul-16 23:55:41

They will be scotchguarded but are not washable. They are removable and dry cleanable.

We currently have velvet which is diabolical. We have it covered in towels and rugs and DD's are not allowed to eat on it at all but I am constantly running after them with sticky fingers. I dont want to worry so much but then would this be the case with any sofa and little ones? I notice many friends have covers on their sofas. Therefore should I just get the one that I want anyway?

Am looking at leather but not sure they can make them for my style of sofa at this company.

The dark grey is fine, I just really love the light grey.

lill72 Wed 13-Jul-16 23:58:57

Moose - I am obsessively careful with velvet sofa at moment! DD's never eat or drink on it. It is sticky fingers from my two year old I am worried about. Dont wish to be so paranoid but feel like you have to be meticulous with little ones, no matter what the fabric/colour??

OfficiallyUnofficial Wed 13-Jul-16 23:59:21

Thanks AppleMagic - can I just PM you the correct bank details?

Anyway to the actual OP we have a light grey sofa, just under a year old, 3 DC under 6. 'Tis fucked already.

lill72 Thu 14-Jul-16 00:00:51

Apple Magic - what?????

apatheticfallacy Thu 14-Jul-16 00:00:53

I am 100% with you on loving light grey sofas but if they're not machine washable and you have young DCs and you want to be chasing after sticky fingers less ..... Sounds like madness.

lill72 Thu 14-Jul-16 00:04:36

apathetic - I plan on covering some of sofa with throws. Would do this wit any fabric.

Scotchguard helps a lot.

I know. I probably am mad.

Cloclomomo Thu 14-Jul-16 00:24:38

I have a very light grey sofa and two toddler/pre-school age kids and can happily report that it is absolutely fine after four years! It is from and the seat and back cushion covers are removable and say dry clean only, but we throw them in the washing machine and they come out fine. Just put them back on when they're slightly damp so they don't shrink. Go for it!

Cloclomomo Thu 14-Jul-16 00:25:21

I haven't even covered the arm rests and they are fine too smile

Cloclomomo Thu 14-Jul-16 00:25:51 has a stain removal guarantee if I recall as well.

AppleMagic Thu 14-Jul-16 00:47:37

Fucking hell i'm tired - that was meant for dh!
Thank got it was just boring bank stuff!

Time for a name change...

Glovebug Thu 14-Jul-16 00:55:44

Personally I would avoid light grey but then my DH doesn't make the DC stick to the no eating in the living room rule. I miss my dark brown sofas sad

Where can I can get sofa covers? My cats have scratched my leather sofas to shreds. Don't want to buy new sofas as still paying for the existing ones sad

Atenco Thu 14-Jul-16 03:17:37

I would avoid anything that will cause you to tell your children off more frequently than you already have to.

lill72 Thu 14-Jul-16 06:44:01

Cloclomomo - my sofa is from so your experience is good to know. Can you tell me what type of fabric you have?

My living room/dining room are in same room so there is no eating near the sofa but sometimes they get up from the table while I am out of the room with sticky fingers. but they know not to take food etc near the sofa.

Glovebug - I'm getting covers from where I bought the sofa. You would have to have a sofa from there.

Atenco - I agree!!!

Cloclomomo Thu 14-Jul-16 10:13:22

It is Brushed Linen Cotton in Taupe (it''s light grey in reality whereas the sample on their website looks slightly beige to me). We went for the Bluebell model as both the seat and back cushion covers are removable, whereas the Snowdrop back covers are fixed.

I wash them on a delicate cycle with non-bio detergent and put them back on whilst slightly damp.

Also ask re their stain guarantee!

lill72 Thu 14-Jul-16 10:26:55

Thanks Cloclomomo -I am looking at Brushed Linen Cotton in Cobble which is a light grey. Will check out taupe in tore today. Glad to hear you have had a good experience with a light colour.

Am def getting Guardsman on it - as they failed to tell us about it last time when we got the velvet covers.

Do spills/stains literally run off the fabric with the Guardsman?

Cloclomomo Thu 14-Jul-16 13:53:13

I can't remember whether we have Guardsman and even if we do, I've probably washed it all off now! Liquid doesn't bead and run off, but maybe it did at the start, I can't remember. I've just found that all stains wash out, apart from black ink which the dry cleaner sorted out.

Velvet it notoriously bad though, so I think whatever else you choose you will pleasantly surprised by!

Dacc Thu 14-Jul-16 13:57:23

We were left a small amount of money, we got a hand made light grey sofa from John fucking Lewis for £1800.00

Our DS is not almost 3 and the sofa is utterly ruined.

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