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did Ronan get his mam (Niamh)?

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PaulAnkaTheDog Wed 13-Jul-16 22:39:44

Yes, I'm one of those TAAT people! But seriously, what happened?!

Arfarfanarf Wed 13-Jul-16 22:43:30

I thought it was a troll thread?

PaulAnkaTheDog Wed 13-Jul-16 22:44:51

Ach fair enough. Decent attempt at it though!

Coconutty Wed 13-Jul-16 22:44:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sorenofthejnaii Wed 13-Jul-16 22:47:53

So - was it a harmless troll thread?

I thought it was quite funny. And it could so so have been true. A reliable way to contact a mum who was obsessed with MN

Assquatch Wed 13-Jul-16 22:48:13

I think the deletion message was something along the lines of

We have pulled this thread for obvious reasons

PaulAnkaTheDog Wed 13-Jul-16 22:51:23

I saw the deletion message but just wondered whether I'd missed Ronan's mum any developments.

Assquatch Wed 13-Jul-16 22:57:01

From my refreshing skills I don't think you we missed anything

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