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Do you ever wonder why do I bother?

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NeedACleverNN Wed 13-Jul-16 14:01:55

Mil and dh have always had a very rocky relationship. When they get on, there is still a lot of passive aggressive comments and when they don't get on its complete NC and bitchiness.

I just bumble along. I tried to make the effort when we first got together and had it thrown back in my face so now I'm nice when she's around but I don't bother otherwise.

Dh and MIL have had an uneasy truce for 3 months now so for the first time, I added her to my FB so she could see photos of her grandchildren. Something she has always wanted.

She turned up unannounced today and began to throw everything in our faces. My nan has booked a holiday to butlins for us all in September. I mentioned it once online and now all of a sudden I am bragging and it's getting her down. She keeps going on about money. When I was pregnant with ds she offered to take us to the hospital. After it had all been done she turned round and said she wanted £40 for the petrol. We refused to pay because she never mentioned money in the first place. We wouldn't have accepted the ride if we knew was going to be charged.

She's now going on about how broke she is despite just receiving 8K for a motorbike her husband sold, another 1k for puppies she had bred and another £200 for selling the parents.

She is always spending money. Getting in new animals and selling them again a few months down the line.

So now dh and MIL have fallen out again and I've removed her from FB.

Dh has said that's it. He has had enough.

Why do people do this? Why are things never good enough for some people?

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