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To go on holiday with a 3/4 weeker

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LastNameChangeHonest Wed 13-Jul-16 12:19:09

DS due 1 Aug (planned induction) and my DD (5 in Sept) is due to start primary school in September.

We'd really like to get away as a family for a week at the end of August - just UK, nice country hotel with kids facilities for eldest or similar. Think she could do with letting off some steam in the pool and lots of country walks.

Is this doable do you think? Or it crazy going away with a baby that young?

And where would be good within an hour or two of where we live? (East London). I'd like somewhere a little bit luxurious and happy to splash out a bit, seeing as we won't be paying flights.

I'm also worried about a hotel with close together rooms, in case DS stops other guests from sleeping!

situatedknowledge Wed 13-Jul-16 12:23:04

Have a look at The Ickworth. We used it loads when the DC were little. (Teens now but they still talk about it).

allowlsthinkalot Wed 13-Jul-16 12:52:06

We went away with a four week old plus three other dc. It was lovely but had plenty of family help there and didn't have to do a thing. The car and plane were easier than having an older baby.

The birth wasn't easy so I hadn't really recovered yet so I wouldn't have wanted a holiday that required much input from me but it was easier than being at home, all I did was sit about breastfeeding and watch the other children play.

Pinkheart5915 Wed 13-Jul-16 12:57:35

Yes I think it's doable if you've got your dp/DH and family to help you out.

At 2 weeks me and dh went to a hotel on the Kent coast ( 2 hour drive from where we live) to see family. The hotel rooms were OK with regards to my noise ds made as far as I know we never got any complaints mentioned to us anyway

At 7 weeks ds went to San Francisco with us for our wedding. Again all was fine

NickyEds Wed 13-Jul-16 13:10:25

It depends on your partner to an extent. If he's happy to do everything whilst you rest then go for it. I suppose you have the advantage of knowing your induction date but you could still end up having a section in which case you wouldn't be up for a lot of walking. I would have loved a holiday when dd was a month old, easy birth, easy recovery, champion best feeder....Ds on the other have had a tongue tie snipped at 3 weeks and I was still learning how to bf/trying to phase out f, bleeding, sore from tears, nipples bleeding....I just wanted to be home. Maybe something without a huge deposit so you can plan for the bast and not to be stung if you decide to cancel?

CMOTDibbler Wed 13-Jul-16 13:18:27

I (slightly randomly, I was working nearby and they had a great rate), stayed at Ickworth house which was absolutely gorgeous, lovely pool and the grounds were beautiful. It felt really special being there after hours, and the staff couldn't have been nicer.

LastNameChangeHonest Wed 13-Jul-16 13:20:16

Loving the sound of Ickworth!

mummymeister Wed 13-Jul-16 13:56:13

Staying in a hotel with a new born is my idea of a nightmare - sorry. both as a parent and a guest. Tinies cry and some of them cry all the time. and until your baby arrives you have no idea which category they fit into. there is a bit of me and everyone I suspect that when they are having their second baby thinks that they will be identical to the first because that is our definition of a baby. but mine were very very different and yours might be too.

I think you are being unreasonable in expecting to find anywhere with space in school summer holidays when looking this late. most places, especially the nice ones will have booked out months and months ago. though I suspect as this is your first time having to think about school hols this might be something you haven't quite got your head around yet - and lets be honest it catches us all out!

I would honestly wait until the baby is here and then make a decision and just see what is around. hope it all goes well for you.

HermioneJeanGranger Wed 13-Jul-16 14:08:47

I third Ickworth smile

I used to live down the road and spent many hours in the park as a kid. There's a good park, plenty of animals, the river, plenty of walks and the hotel has a great pool and the staff are really friendly.

There's plenty of places nearby for daytrips with small children too - West Stow country park is nearby, and there's plenty of kids activities in Bury St Edmunds and further afield if you want to sent DH and DD out for a while so you and baby can sleep.

And there's a spa!

LastNameChangeHonest Wed 13-Jul-16 14:14:38

mummymeister thanks for the reality check ;) I'm torn between booking now just in case there are still some available summer places left, and like you say waiting and seeing how this baby is.

DD was THE WORST baby ever, cried 24/7 for about 5 months. I guess I feel karma owes me something!

Buggers Wed 13-Jul-16 14:20:03

What if you end up having emergency section? I don't think you'll be able to do much walking 3weeks after it. Maybe you could all go away in half term or xmas holidays?

Peasandsweetcorn Wed 13-Jul-16 14:23:38

You may be absolutely fine; you may not. The problem is, there is no way of knowing and even if you are fine when the baby is 14 days old, something may have changed a week later.
Why doesn't your DH book the time off work. If you're having a terrible time of it, he can take DC1 on some amazing day trips leaving you & baby at home; if you're having an OK time of it, you could accompany them on some of them & perhaps go away for a couple of nights fairly locally; if things are going brilliantly, you could go somewhere further afield.
With DC2 at that age, I was doing the pre-school run twice a day, three days a week, taking DC1 to gymnastics once a week & swimming another time and we certainly had lots of trips to the park etc. However, I was also spending a lot of time in bed or on the sofa. I also did a lot of washing from about 3 weeks as that was when reflux kicked in. DS could get through at least one set of his bedding, one set of our bedding & numerous outfits for him & me and I was regularly mopping up the floor, carpet etc. I'm not sure I could have managed that in a hotel!
I am curious how things would have worked out had I had the labour I had with DC1 with DC2 instead. I do wonder if, if I had had to take an older child to pre-school, I would have managed it. I doubt it! Any movement involved huge amounts of pain.

RubbishG3nericUsername Wed 13-Jul-16 14:47:59

Not sure if it's too far for you but we've recently been to the cheddar resort in Somerset. It was with hoeseasons, there's a 5% discount on the mumsnet pages somewhere. It's private lodges so the new arrival wouldn't disturb other guests. There's an on site shop, resturant, bar, indoor swimming pool, outdoor play area and kids soft play room. We found it so child friendly and there's lots to do In the vicinity. We went for a lodge with a hot tub so when DD napped we jumped in there for a relaxing soak! Usually they have good last minute deals so might be worth a look. If you do decide to go away I hope you have a lovely time!

mummymeister Wed 13-Jul-16 16:07:02

Fingers crossed for a bit of Karma Op and you get the worlds best sleeping baby smile

Perhaps your DD will turn out to be a dream of a teenager. my nan always said if you don't get it at one end you always get it at the other (and she did mean this in the context of well behaved children)

I think have a look around now so that you know what a good deal looks like but hold off booking just in case. I know I am a bit obsessed about it but before I book a holiday I always do the price comparison stuff. so when a great bargain appears I spot it straightaway rather than having to trawl back through sites.

situatedknowledge Wed 13-Jul-16 23:26:24

I could be remembering wrongly, but I think with the Ickworth the cancellation is minimal unless you take one of the special offers. Plus your older DC can spend time in the crèche and let you and DH nap whilst the baby naps.

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