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IHit Wed 13-Jul-16 08:38:42

posted in here for traffic...
i'm not registered with a dentist and haven't been for about ten years since moving to the area. had horrific toothache for the last two weeks and now resigned myself to the fact that painkillers won't cut it!

the issue is that i don't have any spare cash until payday. I'm not entitled to any benefits just had a very heavy month cost wise. What should I do? can't borrow any money and don't think I can handle this for another 2.5 weeks!

yes I know IABU for leaving it this long!

GaryGilmoresEyes Wed 13-Jul-16 08:42:19

If you're not registered with a dentist you should be able to go to an emergancy dentist via a dental hospital or your local A+E. Funnily enough I have just been in this same situation this weekend with himself. Best of luck. Toothpain is horrible.

IHit Wed 13-Jul-16 09:16:52

Thanks Gary - any ideas on the money question?

MatildaTheCat Wed 13-Jul-16 09:35:29

Many dentists will accept a payment plan. Otherwise could you use a credit card just this once? Toothache is awful and has a bad habit of getting worse, usually during the night on a weekend.

Tequilamockinbird Wed 13-Jul-16 09:41:59

Have you got a dental hospital nearby? Ours is a teaching hospital and so treatment is free. Might be worth googling? Or try calling 111, they might be able to help.

Hope you get sorted soon, there's nothing worse than toothache.

MyKingdomForBrie Wed 13-Jul-16 09:48:07

I was in this situation once and went to a dental hospital. I had to wait all day but they did my root canal and I wasn't asked to pay - felt a little bad but it must be worth it to them for the teaching experience. Go as soon as you can before it gets worse, I was in such a state by the time I got treatment I hadn't slept for a week!

GaryGilmoresEyes Wed 13-Jul-16 15:54:22

The emergancy dentist at the hospital was free. We rang the NHS helpline number to find out what we could do. As there's no dental hospital here they sent us to A+E.

IHit Wed 13-Jul-16 17:17:04

Thanks guys. Going to try 111 later.

Any more advice?

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