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to think what DP did was disgusting?

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peppatax Tue 12-Jul-16 19:47:12

Been with DP a year, happily cohabiting. Cooked him his favourite tonight, steak - not the first time I've cooked it for him.

Imagine my dismay and disgust when he mixed tomato ketchup and mayo and dipped in his perfectly cooked medium rare steak.

I must have look appropriately horrified as he said 'what?! It's been a year now so I feel I can do this in front of you'.

Can I LTB?

WibblyWobblyJellyHead Tue 12-Jul-16 19:48:15

Meh, it's Marie Rose sauce. You'd have it with a surf and turf, he just didn't have the surf.

TheoriginalLEM Tue 12-Jul-16 19:48:57

its all downhill from here! i am so sorry this has happened to you flowers

Scrowy Tue 12-Jul-16 19:49:49

Hmm so basically like a Marie Rose sauce? Doesn't sound toooo awful in theory ... I enjoy it on prawns. Not sure I would waste a steak on it?

peppatax Tue 12-Jul-16 19:50:09

I could have accepted him dipping the surf but not the turf hmm

VanillaSugar Tue 12-Jul-16 19:50:25

Yeah OP - waft do you mean if you don't even know that this is a classic chef's recipe?


OohMavis Tue 12-Jul-16 19:50:41

Mmm, that sounds rather nice actually.

c3pu Tue 12-Jul-16 19:50:46

Ditch him. Before long he'll be sitting in a chair in a string vest watching match of the day and drinking special brew.

chitofftheshovel Tue 12-Jul-16 19:51:06

That is fucking awful. It's all been based on lies so far, whatever will rear its ugly head next?

VanillaSugar Tue 12-Jul-16 19:51:13

Tut tut OP - he is right.

peppatax Tue 12-Jul-16 19:51:20

I suppose I feel misled - even he knew it was wrong and admitted he wanted to wait until he knew I really loved him before I saw him do it

KatieKaboom Tue 12-Jul-16 19:51:37

Steak plus marie rose sauce = heaven. Try it.

Your husband is one of the enlightened few, it seems.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Tue 12-Jul-16 19:51:55

Isn't that what Burger Sauce is?

VanillaSugar Tue 12-Jul-16 19:52:25

LTB he deserves better.

Is that the reaction you're after? (Lighthearted)

NeedACleverNN Tue 12-Jul-16 19:52:39

My dh smothers tomato ketchup over his steak and peas. That's how he likes it.

Not me eating it

MissElizaBennettsBookmark Tue 12-Jul-16 19:52:45

Utterly disgusting.

French mustard for me grin

BlueberryJuice Tue 12-Jul-16 19:54:02

LTB! Only peppercorn sauce should be served with steak, your dp is a loon and should be shot

TheUnsullied Tue 12-Jul-16 19:54:43

You should definitely try it. Not with really good quality steak as it'd ruin it but it's a good match for middle of the road steak.

peppatax Tue 12-Jul-16 19:55:47

Right, okay, wow. Split opinion. (Stops packing bags).

I've decided we can make a go of it. He says he doesn't do it in restaurants so I just won't cook steak at home anymore grin

cuntinghomicidalcardigan Tue 12-Jul-16 19:56:27

That sounds tasty! My dh on the other hand... he has to have his steak well done. It's a travesty.

MoodyOne Tue 12-Jul-16 19:57:14

Oh my god my thing to do is have chips and do a squirt all over of mayo then a squirt all over of ketchup !!
It's in the same category as crisp sandwiches and jam and cheese sandwiches , who knows who came up with them all but they are amazing !!

peppatax Tue 12-Jul-16 19:58:18

Well done? Sweet Jesus. At least it was cooked to his liking.

MoodyOne Tue 12-Jul-16 19:58:38

Tho my other half puts ketchup on his Sunday dinner OVER YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS ABD GRAVY TOO! I mean who does that (he doesn't anymore)

peppatax Tue 12-Jul-16 19:59:55

MoodyOne I can live with the chips. It was all over the steak

ItsaTenfromDen Tue 12-Jul-16 20:00:41

anyone who has ketchup in my house, in whatever form, has to deal with their own plate. Yuck. smile

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