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To wish everyone would stop bloody complaining at me!

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BeingClea Tue 12-Jul-16 18:19:22

Alright, the DCs get a pass, whingy wee buggers they may be, because they're only little and fairly miserable with some sort of hayfevery or cold thing (I can't tell which!)

But DH has the same thing and won't stop bloody moaning about it; my DM turned up earlier - ostensibly to "give me a hand" and hasn't stopped complaining (about work, her health, her neighbours, the general state of the world) since she got here; and I just opened an email from MIL to find a litany of complaints from her as well (ironically, mostly about her MIL)!

Meanwhile, I have:
- a broken toe
- two cracked ribs
- a persistent chest infection
- the same hayfevery/cold thing as the rest of the family....

....and you don't hear me complaining! Well, you lot do, obviously, because I just did, but no one IRL does!

Grump grump grump angry

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