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To wish he'd fuck off about being 'stressed'? (relationship issue)

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Oreosaretasty Tue 12-Jul-16 15:35:23

I'm prepared to be told I am...
I'm signed off work at the moment, don't want to say why but its not stress related nor a physical problem.
OH and I are moving house.
This is a really rushed house move (Due to it being social housing, so we signed for it on the day of viewing and now need to get in there asap)
OH is still working at the moment, but has cut his hours this week and has days off at the start of next week. as I'm not in work atm i'm taking care of most things. new suppliers/switching suppliers, packing (Wish we could afford a packing service unfortunately we can't), man and van/removal company. Getting fobs for new place (its a flat we have keys but no fobs for main entry) basically 95 percent of everything falls to me, which is absolutely fine. all I've asked OH to do is clean up this house with me and get as many boxes as he can from work on this week (easy for him to do, management are happy to have their bins less full. lots of stock comes in in boxes that are then completely redundant, plus they're flattened and easily fit in his bag, so not heavy/difficult to get home either)
I'm cracking on with it, I'm bloody stressed yeah but overall happy we got somewhere so quickly.
But all OH is doing is moaning, he's stressed, this that and the other, how is he going to do this and that and x y and z (I've said many times 'er, you're bloody not!')
moving is shit, I hate moving, but our current place is a shithole and it will definitely be worth it to get into the lovely place the HA has offered us.
AIBU? Should I be more sympathetic?
To reiterate, all he has to do is spend an hour of his life helping me get this place shining (I keep it clean anyway so just going to finish up with a deeper clean) and grab some bloody boxes. that is it.
I'm stressed. I'm sorting everything. he. fucking.isn't.

VioletBam Wed 13-Jul-16 07:33:24

Sympathies! Moving is awful but worth it in the end. Maybe he's wishing he could be more hands on with everything....or feeling a lack of control because he can't help more.

Make a list, show him what's been done, what's in the process of being done and what still needs to be done. That might shut him up. He can see things being ticked off then.

Good luck in your lovely new house!

Discobabe Wed 13-Jul-16 10:34:28

Yanbu. My husband left everything to me. I lost it the day before we moved and bogged off shopping for the day and left him too it.

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