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to be panicking about this now.

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YesAnastasia Mon 11-Jul-16 14:13:16

A boy (20?) called at the door, said his name was Alexander and said he lived 'over there' and vaguely waved his hand.

He said he was out of work but had a small hoover & tools etc so would I be interested in him making my car 'sparkling' with a valet service.

I then went on about not having a car, that my husband works away (!!!???) & to come back next week when he's here.

I'm worried it's some kind of scam or scouting thing. Now I'm scared he'll come back or we'll be burgled.

Tell me I'm being stupid.

OhNoNotMyBaby Mon 11-Jul-16 14:18:44

You're being very stupid.

OK, so it was a young man touting for work. So what? You could have just said "no thank you" instead of waffling on about no car, husband works away, come back next week.... what was the point of all that?

And why on earth are you assuming he will burgle you? And you told him to come back.. .

Like I said, very stupid. Sorry, but you did ask.

YesAnastasia Mon 11-Jul-16 14:23:40

It's fine if he comes back with his little hoover etc but not if he's dodgy.

I don't know what the point was, I believed him & waffled on. I also said he should do some cards/leaflets & post them.

It was only after that I started panicking because I have anxiety & I do this.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Mon 11-Jul-16 14:25:48

Not likely to be a scam, it's an easy way to make cash with little outlay. Don't worry about it.

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