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New to OD, do I chat or leave?

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SarahRhone Sun 10-Jul-16 23:47:28

Potential date: I am around on xyz date if you are free.

Me: sounds good, I will be back from hol on xyz date, could get some food? <Chit chat>

PD: ok great, have fun.

I feel like I should reply but friends are all saying to just leave it, is that rude??

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 10-Jul-16 23:52:13

Leave it!

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Sun 10-Jul-16 23:53:47

He asked when you were free for a date
You told him when you were free
He didn't arrange the date

That's weird. Leave it.

Champagneformyrealfriends Sun 10-Jul-16 23:54:10

Don't reply, let him/her come back to you.

SarahRhone Mon 11-Jul-16 00:09:06

Ok, I'm paraphrasing here smile

What I said was "ok I'll be back from xyz date and around in the city from then..." (It's a city far away from me and the date is in two weeks). So I can see why he might be reluctant to give a date when it's so far forward.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 11-Jul-16 00:11:19

If he was interested he'd have suggested meeting up when you get back. Seriously,leave it.

SarahRhone Mon 11-Jul-16 00:12:52

I'm pretty sure he's interested, he got in touch with me after a long while

SarahRhone Mon 11-Jul-16 00:13:16

Of course will leave it.

That wasn't his full message, some chat too

FruitCockatiel Mon 11-Jul-16 00:19:17

Leave it.

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