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To be worried that DD will inherit

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sepa Sun 10-Jul-16 22:14:37

My furry chin. Seriously, I look at my mum in amazement of such long beard hairs and my face is going the same way grin.
Poor DD sad

BitterAndOnlySlightlyTwisted Sun 10-Jul-16 22:19:52

It's not an inherited characteristic. It's the lack of female sex-hormones post menopause. It is her fate of she doesn't save up for electrolysis or laser treatment when the time comes. I go through practically a tube of Immac a fortnight

BikeRunSki Sun 10-Jul-16 22:20:33

My dd's going to get my short, fat thighs.

tabulahrasa Sun 10-Jul-16 22:22:25

"It's the lack of female sex-hormones post menopause."

Is it? Because mine appeared at 30 and I'm still nowhere near menopause...

Heidi42 Sun 10-Jul-16 22:22:36

She can shave the beard don't worry. I blunt dh razor everyday shaving mine

scarednoob Sun 10-Jul-16 22:22:41

I have lovely slim legs and bum and awful massive gut and boobs. MIL has lovely elegant flat chest and stomach and enormous arse and cankles. Really hoping DD has picked the right genetic combination from both sides of the family......!! wink

PippaPug Sun 10-Jul-16 22:23:08

I have had mine since where near menopause!

MagicMojito Sun 10-Jul-16 22:24:37

I'm just thankful DDS haven't inherited my noseshock

Chins can be plucked/waxed/bleached. The nose is not such an easy fix!

grannytomine Sun 10-Jul-16 22:24:45

scarednoob, it will be a shame if she gets all the wrong bits, I hope she has picked well.

BertieBeats Sun 10-Jul-16 22:25:06

I think it's more common than you think. My mum is late 40s and constantly plucking hairs out her chin. I'm late 20s and I have 2 prickly ones that make an appearance but once a month. A lot of my friends are the same so I wouldn't worry 😊

ZansForCans Sun 10-Jul-16 22:27:07

I really worry about my DC when they hit puberty because I had (and still do, if I don't use prescription treatment) horrendous acne. I'm just willing them not to get it and feel so bad about my crappy skin genes. sad

sepa Sun 10-Jul-16 22:33:05

I have been plucking (and then moved to threading) mine since 19ish.
However, I must admit then when I stumble across a conundrum I do like to give my little beard a rub grin

ICJump Sun 10-Jul-16 22:34:31

My lady beard isn't post menopausal. I've had it since 25 and since my 30s it's really chucking along.

chipsandpeas Sun 10-Jul-16 22:34:55

im in my 30s and constntly on chin hair watch usually every night .....little fuckers appear from nowhere to about 2cm long
ive started using the ipl on them an the general area hoping to get rid of them that way

Wolpertinger Sun 10-Jul-16 22:56:13

Mine started at 13. A fortune in laser and electrolysis later and they are vaguely under control age 40. And they do seem to be inherited from my DM who just uses an electric shaver every day on hers.

Don't tell me they start at menopause! I'm hoping they'll be fried to death by then.

throwingpebbles Sun 10-Jul-16 23:10:03

My mum has pretty much already put my name down at the salon she uses, for beard electrolysis sessions as soon as I hit 40 grin she obviously doesn't hold much hope I will miss out on the family fuzzy chin grin

19lottie82 Sun 10-Jul-16 23:16:09

I paid £280 ish for a course of laser treatment to have it removed. I'd pay it again ten times over.

It was at a sk:n clinic. They are expensive, but the best.
Cheaper places use inferior equipment which doesn't give the same results, apparently.

Wolpertinger Sun 10-Jul-16 23:22:16

I have bad news for you 19lottie82 - the fuckers grow back.

Basically as long as you still have the hormones, you still have the drive to produce new hairs. So yes the old hairs may be sizzled, but brand new ones will pop up where you never had them before angry

I gave up on laser in the end as it was just throwing money away and yes it was in a proper medical clinic and now just get a 15 min electrolysis every 6-8 weeks for any new ones that are fool enough to come out.

However it's a lifelong task - i can't see they'll ever be properly gone.

whatamockerywemake Mon 11-Jul-16 00:57:16

My DD has my crap shaped eyes, but they look amazing on her (curse you, DD!)

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Mon 11-Jul-16 01:03:21

I'm a rather hairy lady when left ungroomed and my ex was like a wolf grin. Poor DS is a very hairy baby, we thought it was just down (sp?) when he was born but nearly 2 years later he's still got a little moustache and a really hairy back. Cute as a button though, so no bother. smile

GiddyOnZackHunt Mon 11-Jul-16 01:11:19

My beautiful dn is very talented in performing arts. If she'd got he father's height and legs she'd be a film star. She got her mother's fat legs and shortness. I do hope talent shines through.
I do think it's fascinating how genetic traits crop up here and there in families. I have a chin that I can pick out in a relative born in 1870. I can pick my df out in random photos on a local history site because of our ears.

Bogeyface Mon 11-Jul-16 01:22:21

Whenever people talk about their kids inheriting physical traits I always think of Friends when Rachel says that she hopes that Barry and Mindy's kids get his old hair and her old nose grin

My older dd's seem to have inherited my slim waist and MASSIVE tits poor things sad I had a reduction in the end and I hope that if they want one then they can get one.

EverySongbirdSays Mon 11-Jul-16 01:31:53

I have this issue also - only 34.

Had laser. Have more hairs now then I did when I got it done. angry

The Lumea has had favourable remarks on here as soon as I can steel myself to hand over £300 for it I will.

NowWhat1983 Mon 11-Jul-16 01:33:54

Mine appeared at 16.

It's PCOS for me.

BengalCatMum Mon 11-Jul-16 02:30:00

Ahh godamn PCOS; I don't have any on chin but have a blondy tuft of hair on where I presume an adams apple would supposedly live.

I would love to wax/remove ect as it catches the light and looks stupid when wet. But am too scared as don't want it to come back dark brown/ black like all my other body hairs shock

So instead I just crouch my neck to give double chin when drying off round the pool, hahahahah, god knows what I look like!

Catch 22

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