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To replace the dishwasher?

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bookgirl1982 Sun 10-Jul-16 20:54:00

We are selling our house and have indicated on the fixtures form that we will leave our dishwasher. The new house has a built in one so our slimline one would be redundant.

Our one is under warranty and has a fault so one one cycle it stops halfway through. The part is out of stock so we have been offered a replacement which is in the form of store credit.

DH says that we should leave the faulty dishwasher as it works on the other cycles and save the vouchers for our new house. I think that is bad form and we should replace as the warranty intended.


wheresthel1ght Sun 10-Jul-16 21:09:45

If it states on the particulars then you need to leave it and it should be working - your solicitor is the real person you should be speaking to though.

I would replace it - will the store credit cover the cost of a new one? It doesn't have to be a brilliant make

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