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To be really irritated by Groenfield wearing black socks in the mixed doubles final.

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Bearbehind Sun 10-Jul-16 18:53:14

It Wimbledon.

You wear white.

People have tried wearing coloured knickers etc before.

How hard is it to put on white socks?

I want heather Watson to win anyway but more so now as the black socks have really irritated me.

Merrylegs Sun 10-Jul-16 18:59:49

I haven't seen them but presume they are ankle supports rather than socks?

Bearbehind Sun 10-Jul-16 19:01:43

Pretty sure they are socks. And you can get white ankle supports anyway.

And I know I've spelt her name completely incorrectly grin

Merrylegs Sun 10-Jul-16 19:04:58

No just looked - supports for sure. Go Heather though!

Bearbehind Sun 10-Jul-16 19:08:47

At that level you can get white anything.

Anyway, looks like she's going to lose.

Bearbehind Sun 10-Jul-16 19:14:49

Ha ha ha. The Wimbledon white gods got their revenge grin

ForalltheSaints Sun 10-Jul-16 20:46:18

The umpire should have asked her to change them, and a refusal should have been disqualification, a trip to the Tower, the stocks and sour cream with strawberries!

Anyway, let's not be churlish to a loser.

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