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To hate it when people use 'happily'?

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reader77 Sun 10-Jul-16 00:36:25

It just irritates me so much. It's so smug and defensive and Arghhhhhh

I 'happily' let my dc blah blah

My dc 'happily' eats blah blah

I 'happily' looked after my friends dc until blah blah

Oh shut up you stealth boasting humble bragging moaner.

hesterton Sun 10-Jul-16 00:37:39

Are you having a bad day?

5tardusty Sun 10-Jul-16 00:38:41

I don't see what is controversial about that. What word would you use instead?

thepothasboiledover Sun 10-Jul-16 00:39:27

Exercise is great for stress and bad feeling confused

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 10-Jul-16 00:39:52

I don't see the issue with the word?

reader77 Sun 10-Jul-16 00:40:04

No I'm not having a bad day, I just started a thread about something that I find annoying.

hesterton Sun 10-Jul-16 00:41:03

Fair enough. I have to say it doesn't bother me, happily.

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Sun 10-Jul-16 00:42:52

I just get the impression you've swallowed a wasp and sat on a rancid, infested nettle and thistle patch.

reader77 Sun 10-Jul-16 00:45:40

No...should I have put Lighthearted in the title or something?

'Happily' just gives me a mental image of someone smiling benignly and patting themselves on the back at how gracious hey are.

Don't you have words or turns of phrase that irritate you or give you mental images?

Just5minswithDacre Sun 10-Jul-16 00:47:06


thepothasboiledover Sun 10-Jul-16 00:47:18


peppercold Sun 10-Jul-16 00:49:00


Just5minswithDacre Sun 10-Jul-16 00:49:18

It's like when people smile and say shit like 'please' and 'thank you'.

Fucking nice fuckers angry

ceeveebee Sun 10-Jul-16 00:50:25

I agree with you op

I also hate "playing nicely" or as my MIL says "playing beautifully" when referring to DCs just getting on
And don't like "offering" re breastfeeding or weaning. Don't know why, they just grate on me

GiddyOnZackHunt Sun 10-Jul-16 00:51:35

But it's a word. When did wordism become a thing? Is it because of Brexit?

MyKingdomForBrie Sun 10-Jul-16 00:51:46

id say perhaps you're reading too much into a turn of phrase op

AnnaMarlowe Sun 10-Jul-16 00:52:21

I use "happily" all the time.

I am happy, cheerful and no doubt irritatingly positive in RL.

My DH is wonderful.
My DC are super little people
I love my family
I've got lovely friends
I like my job.

I am fully aware of how tremendously fortunate I am in all of the above. "happily" covers most things quite nicely.

However I was also cheerful and positive person about 15 years ago when:

My DH was ill and daily life was testing.
We suffered years of infertility
I was made redundant twice in 3 years
We had no money
I was far away from all my friends
My lovely Dad was very ill.

It's not "boasting or smug" to be happy. I'm naturally 'up'. There's no virtue in pretending to be miserable.

reader77 Sun 10-Jul-16 00:53:20

I can't actually believe some of you are taking this so literally and seriously?!

Don't any words or turns of phrase get on your nerves?

Just5minswithDacre Sun 10-Jul-16 00:55:08


It sounds quite serious and aggressive

reader77 Sun 10-Jul-16 00:55:44

Yeah ceveebee that's kind of what I meant.

''I'll miserably let my daughter play in the paddling pool'' [grin grin

lmao sorry OP, YANBU, not your fault if a phrase irritates you. i don't like the word succulent it makes me cringe but i don't care if other people say it. x

woollytights Sun 10-Jul-16 00:57:59

I agree with you OP blush

KatieKaboom Sun 10-Jul-16 01:00:03

I agree, OP. It's an anvil word for me. (Drop an anvil on the speaker, Warner Bros. style. )

All these twatty happy campers. wind up.

PreviouslyBannedToaster Sun 10-Jul-16 01:02:27

You mean like 'moist'? That sort of thing...

AnnaMarlowe Sun 10-Jul-16 01:04:54

Ah, Reader, you were trying to be funny...

" shut up you stealth boasting humble bragging moaner."

I see it now, hysterical.

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