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to think that Andrea Leadsom should not be prime minister?

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sorbetandcream1 Sat 09-Jul-16 12:24:43

She is against gay marriage.
She has hugely exaggerated aspects of her CV numerous times in the past (she lied).
She has said some awful comments relating to Theresa May, indicating that Andrea will be a better pm because shes a mum.
She seems to have incredibly strong, extreme Christian views. I very much doubt she can fairly represent the views of the country.
She just to be a strong supporter of remain campaign but changed her mind for this election. Unclear why.
She can't win, can she?

NoahVale Sat 09-Jul-16 12:26:25

no she cant. and unless you have been a member of the conservative party for more than 3 months i believe, you wont have a say.

gettingtherequickly Sat 09-Jul-16 12:28:13

I'm nervous, the world appears to have gone mad and anything can happen.

Never thought I'd be praying for TM for PM.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 09-Jul-16 12:29:42

Who is she though. I mean I know all the rest who are,/were in the running.
To name a few, but she AL. Just seemed to burst on the scene from nowhere and next second she's up for PM.

trixymalixy Sat 09-Jul-16 12:30:53

I'm nervous. I would hope that she wouldn't become PM, but given the insanity that's happening at the moment I'm fully expecting her to become PM.

Shouldwestayorshouldwegonow Sat 09-Jul-16 12:34:20

I know never heard of the woman until 2 weeks ago. She looks like the type of person who judges jam at a village fete.

What with her, Trump, Corbyn and brexit I think aliens are controlling us and removing peoples common sense.

sorbetandcream1 Sat 09-Jul-16 12:35:07

Exactly. The world has gone crazy, anything could happen.

acasualobserver Sat 09-Jul-16 12:35:09

She has said some awful comments relating to Theresa May, indicating that Andrea will be a better pm

Some MNers would concur. I have been told here that my views on a certain topic carried less weight because I was not a parent.

Laquitar Sat 09-Jul-16 12:36:52

What 'getting' and 'trixy' said.

Brokenbiscuit Sat 09-Jul-16 12:39:12

She can't win, can she?

I hope not. But as the referendum has demonstrated, anything can happen.

sorbetandcream1 Sat 09-Jul-16 12:40:12

There is a huge difference between views put forward on an Internet forum, anonymously and views put forward by political figures. Also the skills and experience needed to run the country are rather different than those needed to contribute to mumsnet.

stitchglitched Sat 09-Jul-16 12:41:13

She's also anti abortion. I'm hoping that she has shown herself out of her depth enough that she doesn't have a chance.

EdmundCleverClogs Sat 09-Jul-16 12:43:07

She's utterly foul. Apparently she's said in The Times that TM has nothing to offer the country, as she's not had children!

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sat 09-Jul-16 12:43:36

She hasn't got a chance of winning surely?

I just posted on another thread what I read in an interview today. She said;" im not a feminist because I like men"

She's a thick idiot.

Idiotxit Sat 09-Jul-16 12:43:41

Leadsom or May.

Marvellous. Cheers Brexiters, you bloody clever lot.

LilacInn Sat 09-Jul-16 12:43:42

She's horrible.

BlowingThroughTheJasmineinMyMi Sat 09-Jul-16 12:57:58

She just to be a strong supporter of remain campaign but changed her mind for this election. Unclear why

I agree with most of your list but its crystal clear why she changed her mind over the referendum.

sorbetandcream1 Sat 09-Jul-16 13:02:27


derxa Sat 09-Jul-16 13:03:38

'but I have children'

Leadsom or May. Marvellous. Cheers Brexiters, you bloody clever lot.

Cameron was stepping down anyway.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Sat 09-Jul-16 13:08:17

I can't go behind The Times paywall but another website has reproduced the relevant exchange, which The Times says is a transcript (so presumably the interview was recorded, a wise precaution). It really is shameful.

Sylvester: During the euro debates, you said several times ‘as a mum’ . Do you feel like a mum in politics?

Leadsom: Yes.

Sylvester: Why and how?

Leadsom: So, really carefully, because I am sure, I don’t really know Theresa very well but I am sure she will be really sad she doesn’t have children so I don’t want this to be ‘Andrea has children, Theresa hasn’t’, because I think that would be really horrible but, genuinely, I feel being a mum means you have a very real stake in the future of our country, a tangible stake. She possibly has nieces, nephews, lots of people. But I have children who are going to have children who will directly be a part of what happens next.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 09-Jul-16 13:08:49

I think she has a good chance.

But you can join the conservatives and vote. I know someone who joined the day after the vote and will get to vote. I believe he'll go AL but I'm trying not to discuss it with people, some commonly held views are very worrying.

I hate the focus on it being between two women, too. It's so sexist. We'd never be assessing Cameron's shoes or getting excited if two men made it to the final two.

MissMargie Sat 09-Jul-16 13:09:29

Bringing up children is a piece of piss- who would call that an acid event?

MissMargie Sat 09-Jul-16 13:10:20

Achievement .... Though on occasions acid might help

user1467101855 Sat 09-Jul-16 13:12:25

I think she's only there to make you all think that Theresa May is preferable. A bit like threatening you with death to make you bed instead for a mere maiming, she's there to make TM seem like a good option, when in reality you should all be screaming" Theresa May for Prime Minister? What the fuck is wrong with the universe? This is the democracy and strong future we voted Leave for?"

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