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tax credits renewal is taking too long. aibu to want to make a complaint?

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chubbylover78 Fri 08-Jul-16 13:29:41

I received my renewal on 26/4/2016 and renewed it online the same day.
It's been nearly 11 weeks and so far the tax credit helpline are useless .
It has never taken this long before and no one can tell me what the hold up is.
I was told it would take 8 weeks and then when I called they upped it to 10 weeks.
I called on 6/7/2016 and they put a not on their system to get it done asap and was told it would be done today and to call to make sure.
I called this morning and it's not been touched and they can even tell me if anyone has even looked at it let alone finalised it.
I told them they were liars and it's totally unacceptable and all I got in reply was it will be done as soon as they get to it.
Should I complain or just wait?

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Fri 08-Jul-16 13:33:17

Complain politely and in writing.

AcornToOak Fri 08-Jul-16 13:34:42

You could put a complaint in if you wanted to but i dont think it will make much difference tbh, i done mine yesterday and asked roughly how long until I would hear and she told me there is a 4 month backlog because of all the renewals

Birdsgottafly Fri 08-Jul-16 13:35:33

Are you owed money by them?

Or do you need your renewal notice as proof for other finance/benefit reasons?

Birdsgottafly Fri 08-Jul-16 13:37:33

""there is a 4 month backlog because of all the renewals"

I did mine about two weeks after I got the renewal notice and mines done. I think it depends on the changes you need to make.

I've had to make changes to my CB and it was them that told me that my CTC was completed.

chubbylover78 Fri 08-Jul-16 13:53:46

My surname begins with A so I was one of the first to get my renewal pack as they start sending them out at the end of April and there was no backlog when I called to check after 5 weeks. No changes had to be made other than a deduction for pension which they told me was within their threshold and isn't the problem.

couchparsnip Fri 08-Jul-16 14:02:58

Don't get irate with them. Write directly to the complaints team, address Tax Credits Complaints Team, Tax Credit Office, Preston,PR1 4AT

Once there's a formal complaint they have to look at it and it could get sorted out within a week.

chubbylover78 Mon 15-Aug-16 00:16:15

It's been 16 weeks since renewed my tax credits and they're still telling me it's not finalised and refuse to take a complaint. Any help would be gratefully received

ShtoppenDerFloppen Mon 15-Aug-16 04:56:17

In all honesty, if you are sure that you have all your information correct, maybe it is time to contact your MP to intervene on your behalf?

One thing that is important to remember (although it is hard as hell to live by) is that the person you are speaking to is not responsible for the delay, nor do they have any vested interest in screwing yout over.

SharonfromEON Mon 15-Aug-16 05:13:06

I am self employed and did mine July and mine was returned a couple of weeks ago so they are still been done. I was told could be end of September.

Yes to follow written complaint...Are you expecting it to change?

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