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WIBU to keep a massive distance between myself and line manager

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elodie2000 Thu 07-Jul-16 21:46:38

Long story short... My line manager is a bitch. She bitches about everyone, blows hot and cold, doesn't explain procedure properly and expects me to know things she hasn't told me, doesn't answer e-mails and likes to be in control at all times. She is friendly to my face, overly friendly. She wants us to be 'friends' and often turns up to chat. She seems pissed off because I keep my distance and only engage professionally. I don't take breaks with her and don't want to even though she has turned up many times. I make polite excuses and talk to her in a friendly way.
I can't stand her and just don't know how to keep my distance when she is so persistent. WWYD and am I BU If I just continue to keep things the way they are?

ABloodyDifficultWoman Thu 07-Jul-16 21:56:38

Keep it professional and keep it friendly. Never give her an inch. Never give her a hint of an inch. People like this are everywhere - at least you've got the good sense to recognise her for what she is! Don't even tell her anything personal - in fact, never express anything but a totally moderate opinion. She'll soon get bored and move on!

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