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No shifts at work placement

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CollegeGirl21 Thu 07-Jul-16 19:58:08


I completed my level 2 diploma in Health and social but now gone on to level 3 health and social.

I work extremely part time at the placement I've been at since late last year and shifts were pretty regular. Completed all my college assignments 6 months early (I worked my ass off to complete these). Then the only thing left now is to do the observations.

Since late March, when I stated I've finished coursework and all I need to do now is complete the observations and my assessor needs to come and observe me (this was agreed with employer when I got my interview). Yet since telling them I just need to complete observations, I've had no shifts up until this week.

This week I was given 2.5hrs work. Yes, 2.5 hours work. I managed to get one observation done.

I've only one observation to go and guess what? Employer have given me NO work. AGAIN. For next week.

AIBU to be pissed off?.

I have till early August to complete this diploma or I have to renew my course, which means I'll incur extra fees!. All because they won't give me work.

I only need an hour to be observed and Id be able to do my last observation done. I've even offered to do it as a volunteer, purely so I can get the work done!

It feels like there's another reason they are not giving me work, they've confirmed to my assessor that they are not concerned about my work, or me. So why do I get the feeling they are taking the piss?.

tupperwareAARGGH Thu 07-Jul-16 20:01:45

Then you need to go in to just get assessed without it actually being paid work. When I was trying to get skills signed off in my work place I went in in my own time and just did those skills.

I would email them rather than face to face as state you have skills to get signed off and can they please let you come in, in your time to get them done. If they stay no then you have proof that you've tried and you should get an extension.

CollegeGirl21 Thu 07-Jul-16 20:09:26

I've emailed, text, called. Even been in to the office.

I work at a home care agency. Not a care home. So I have to be booked into people's homes. I'm not legally allowed to go out to their homes without being booked or having permission from the service users.

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