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To ask you all about maternity leave/pay on a 10month fixed term contract

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summerskittles91 Thu 07-Jul-16 12:13:37

Me and DH are TTC at the moment. As it stands if I got a BFP this month the baby would be due in April 2017.

I'm currently on a fixed term contract for 10 months which finishes May 2017. Do you think they would not extend my contract on the basis that I was pregnant? I've been doing some searching but not really getting a clear answer.

My other thought is that AIBU to get pregnant knowing my contract is 99% likely to be renewed and then end up going on maternity leave.

Irony of the situation is that I'm currently covering someone who is on mat leave!

Any answers or opinions would be appreciated.

summerskittles91 Thu 07-Jul-16 12:14:28

agh - i meant my contract finishes March 2017!

Alasalas2 Thu 07-Jul-16 12:19:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alasalas2 Thu 07-Jul-16 12:20:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

summerskittles91 Thu 07-Jul-16 12:28:10

Thank you Alasalas2 I'll take a look!

Mouikey Thu 07-Jul-16 20:31:02

Have a look at this site...

You should also get hold of the maternity leave policy from your HR section. However it looks as though you must have worked continuously with your employer for at least 26 weeks (6 months) up to the 'qualifying week' (15 weeks before due date - 25 weeks I guess). This is for SMP - not for any additional benefits that your employer may offer.

In this instance I don't believe that they would have to give you a reason if they choose not to renew your contract (because it was fixed term) and it would be near impossible to argue unfair dismissal on the basis of pregnancy in this instance (if it were at the end of the contract).

RoboticSealpup Thu 07-Jul-16 20:43:31

Check with the organisation maternity action. They have online information sheets about stuff like this, and a helpline.

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