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do you have a song that makes you sad //happy ?

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mrsfuzzy Thu 07-Jul-16 11:15:18

'boys of summer' is a song that tears me up although i do love it confused, because i met my first dh when i was 17, spent an idylic summer together and as soon i was 18 we married he was slightly older and in the army, he left to serve his country in conflict and shortly after i was informed that i was now a widow at 19, sorry, just writing this makes me teary even 33 years on, i first heard the song three years after he died, still sosad...

Bluewombler2k Thu 07-Jul-16 12:53:10

Hey Soul Sister by Train always bucks me up without fail

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 07-Jul-16 13:03:12

Together again
Hello from the other side
Wherever you will go
Tears in heaven
Because you loved me
You are beautiful
I was here
Sexy lady
Part of me
Don't cha (wish your girlfriend was hot like me).
I'm still standing
Through the wire.( I can't say why, buy I've always for some reason felt very attached to this song )

mogloveseggs Thu 07-Jul-16 13:05:25

Let it be-beatles reminds me of my dad

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 07-Jul-16 13:05:40

Run away train.
Fast car. (The part that really gets me is. We've gotta make a decision. We can leave tonight or live and die this way)

Dexterjamesmummy Thu 07-Jul-16 13:27:07

I have one the same, it can either make me smile or make me burst into tears, it's Happy by Pharrell. It was my little boys favourite song and I have so many lovely memories of him dancing along to it with a big beaming smile, it was played at his funeral (he died 2 years ago aged 12 months and 25 days). If you search for Dexter James Cook on YouTube the vid we played in church is there.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 07-Jul-16 13:33:33

flowers. Love and thoughts. DexterJamesmummy. X

ShotsFired Thu 07-Jul-16 13:37:31

Love Shack (B52s)
Summertime (Will Smith)
Titanium (David Guetta)

- are all perennial favourites that I will sing along to every time. Never fail to cheer me up!

I think basically songs that I can belt out at loud volume are the ones that get me going!

Just the Way you are (Bruno Mars)
Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri)
- make me sad for one reason and happy for another.

PantsOfGold Thu 07-Jul-16 13:49:55

Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte (think closing scene of Beetlejuice) makes me very happy.

Metal Heart by Cat Power makes me sooo sad (but in a good way).

mrsfuzzy Thu 07-Jul-16 13:52:23

dexterjamesmummy how awful for you, far too young flowers.

mrsfuzzy Thu 07-Jul-16 13:53:43

ghost some great stuff going on with you, sad, happy you've got it all !

MrsHardy1 Thu 07-Jul-16 16:14:14

Kate Bush - this woman's work. José Gonzalez (sp?) - Heartbeat
Cant listen to either without crying

WhooooAmI24601 Thu 07-Jul-16 16:19:08

Do You Hear The People Sing from Les Mis makes me incredibly happy. I often play it when we're on family days out in the car and the DCs, DH and I all do that pretentious wanky harmonising thing they do in Stepbrothers and it makes me laugh just thinking of it.

Elbow's One Day Like This makes me happy just because it's a beautiful song.

Coldplay's Fix You makes me cry. I was pregnant with DS1 when it came out and had previously had a late stage loss; it was played on the radio almost continually and I'd have to switch it off. Even now years later I well up when I hear it.

Joolsy Thu 07-Jul-16 17:48:04

I feel sad when I hear Jealous Guy by John Lennon or Against All Odds by Phil Collins, not really any reason why, just v emotional songs

Completelyparanoidihope Thu 07-Jul-16 17:51:21

Jimmy Cliff - Many rivers to cross. It just gets to me and I don't know why?

Reef - Place your hands. This is my go to song if I want cheering up.

SmoakAndShado Thu 07-Jul-16 19:00:38

flowers mrsfuzzy and dexterjamesmummy I am so sorry for your losses x

Mine is one from flipping Jelly Jamm of all things. Think it's called "my best friend". It makes me think of how my sister was with her best friend (bf died several years ago).

Petal40 Thu 07-Jul-16 19:05:46

The shamen.ebenezier Goode ......Es are good Es are good,he's ebenizer Goode....oh god I loooove that song..

HerRoyalFattyness Thu 07-Jul-16 19:08:51

My immortal by evanescence

iliketeaalot Thu 07-Jul-16 19:14:54

Always a Fast Car with me too. Reminds me of when I used to drive about in my car with a fab group of friends who I don't see any more having the time of my life. I'm always a complete mess by the time I get to the end of it...

hawaiibaby Thu 07-Jul-16 19:30:09

Mrs fuzzy and DexterJamesmummy flowers flowers so sorry for your losses and both beautiful songs. Will think of you both when I hear them.

Thunder road - Springsteen always gets me teary.

Bridge over troubled water as we had it at my dad's funeral and I'm jus transported back there when it plays, even though it was 15 years ago

Loads that make me very happy though:

Dancing in the dark
find the river - rem
Pride - amy Mcdonald - reminds me of becoming pregnant with DS1 after ivf.
Time of My life from dirty dancing - it always makes me smile and think of my dearest friendships and the good times we have shared.
All these things I've done - killers - the anthem of my early 20s. Before it all went wrong grin

Can't beat a great song, music is so emotional.

ISpeakJive Thu 07-Jul-16 19:37:28

Songbird - by Eva Cassidy is the only song that makes me cry so much. Reminds me of my mum who died 5 1/2 years ago.

DexterJamesMummy flowers

VioletVaccine Thu 07-Jul-16 19:37:59

Dexterjamesmummy flowers

ijustwannadance Thu 07-Jul-16 19:43:27

Already been said but Tears in heaven, Eric Clapton. So sad.

apintofharpandapacketofdates Thu 07-Jul-16 19:46:37

Bridge Over Troubled Water..... Was thinking of the lyrics today.
When you're weary, feeling small, when tears are in your eyes, I'll comfort you........

Bruno Mars - when I was your ma

*Hmmm, too young, too dumb to realize
That I should've bought you flowers and held your hand
Should've gave you all my hours when I had the chance
Take you to every party 'cause all you wanted to do was dance
Now my baby's dancing, but she's dancing with another man
My pride, my ego, my needs and my selfish ways
Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life
Now I'll never, never get to clean up the mess I made, oh
And that haunts me every time I close my eyes
It all just sounds like, "Oooh."
Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize
That I should've bought you flowers and held your hand
Should've gave all my hours when I had the chance
Take you to every party 'cause all you wanted to do was dance
Now my baby's dancing, but she's dancing with another man
Although it hurts I'll be the first to say that I was wrong
Oh, I know I'm probably much too late
To try and apologize for my mistakes
But I just want you to know
I hope he buys you flowers, I hope he holds your hands
Give you all his hours when he has the chance
Take you to every party 'cause I remember how much you loved to dance
Do all the things I should've done when I was your man
Do all the things I should've done when I was your man*

apintofharpandapacketofdates Thu 07-Jul-16 19:48:30

Sorry feeling a bit sad & bewildered & tired.

Cheerful song? Boys of Summer too and most Eagles stuff....

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