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To really, really want to cook this?

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ktalgfdk Thu 07-Jul-16 03:13:44

Or preferably for one of you to make it and deliver it into my gaping maw...

ktalgfdk Thu 07-Jul-16 03:15:20

I present to you the Mac n Cheeto. Macaroni cheese rolled in Cheetos and deep-fried.

Oh what a time to be alive 😍

BengalCatMum Thu 07-Jul-16 03:52:18

Hahah, do it OP

Seriously though - how did you make this emoticon and where do extra ones live?

BengalCatMum Thu 07-Jul-16 03:53:44

Hahah, do it OP Not that this wasn't serious too - it was

ktalgfdk Thu 07-Jul-16 03:54:23

If you go onto the emojis keyboard keyboard on your phone, you will find them all smile

ktalgfdk Thu 07-Jul-16 03:55:06

You have tempted me! grin

Qwebec Thu 07-Jul-16 04:21:36

This is heresy, right up the alley of deep fried mars bars.

Tartyflette Thu 07-Jul-16 04:25:35

What are Cheetos? Do we have them in the UK.?

nooka Thu 07-Jul-16 04:37:04

Sort of vaguely like Watsits but more luminous.

BengalCatMum Thu 07-Jul-16 04:42:01

Thanks OP,

on PC keyboard so will have to be old skl

ktalgfdk Thu 07-Jul-16 11:20:34

I want it so much

littleprincesssara Thu 07-Jul-16 11:26:04

I'm really curious what would happen if you did use Wotsits! Or Monster Munch. 🧀👍

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