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Refused service at work.

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Littlemissgiggle5 Wed 06-Jul-16 22:03:27

So I finished work (in a pub) and I wanted to have a drink whilst I waited to be picked up. I asked my ass. Manager to serve me and she refused to on the basis that I didn't want to work her close (which would have been an extra four hours) I didn't want to work the close because I don't feel too well. (Recovering from the dreaded summer 'flu') So because I'd said no, she refused to serve me. When she didn't even have a valid reason for not wanting to work...
I guess the real question is is she being unreasonable? Or am I over reacting?
(Currently posting from a different pub holding a nice cold pint!!)

Wolfiefan Wed 06-Jul-16 22:04:34

So you are too ill to work but not too ill to drink? confused

Shizzlestix Wed 06-Jul-16 22:05:20

She's being VU. Stupid to refuse you and presumably your money. Is she normally so unprofessional?

99percentchocolate Wed 06-Jul-16 22:05:49

Swbu and a bitch. I'd probably put in a complaint about that tbh.

callherwillow Wed 06-Jul-16 22:06:31

'I asked my ass'


EatShitDerek Wed 06-Jul-16 22:06:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RipeningApples Wed 06-Jul-16 22:08:41

If you are too ill to carry on working I can see her point that you should be too ill to booze to be perfectly honest, especially if it meant she had to work late.

RJnomore1 Wed 06-Jul-16 22:09:07

Yabu. My husband works in hospitality management and it's poor form to go home early because you are ill and then sit there drinking. And going home early includes not staying on if you are asked. It's not like staffing an office, you can't always predict the staff you will need.

Tbh it's not great to drink where you work anyway. I'm presuming you didn't ask for an orange juice.

You have not covered yourself in glory and I wouldn't be surprised if your shifts were cut.

EveOnline2016 Wed 06-Jul-16 22:09:36

Was you on rota to do a close. I'm confused

angelikacpickles Wed 06-Jul-16 22:09:48

But she wasn't leaving work early, she just didn't want to cover her manager's shift, I think?

Snowflakes1122 Wed 06-Jul-16 22:11:18

Your recovering from flu and sat in another pub with a pint? confused

Not really ill then

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 06-Jul-16 22:11:32

So, you finished your shift abnd your Ass Manager wanted you to do her shift of 4 hours but you wanted (understandably) to go home as you were unwell.
But she wouldn't give you a drink/serve you a drink.


Could you not have just served yourself , thrown the money (in small denomination coins) in a beer puddle and say "I think you;ll find that's right" while thinking "Yeah, like I'm I'm giving you a tip, Bitch " wink

Snowflakes1122 Wed 06-Jul-16 22:12:11

I mean you're not your!

Wolfiefan Wed 06-Jul-16 22:12:32

Sorry but that isn't flu snowflake!
Sounds like OP said they couldn't work because of flu then tried to order a drink. Colleague got the arse about that.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Wed 06-Jul-16 22:13:33

To be fair, OP isn't obligated to cover her managers shift. She could have just said no. Although it probably is that the manager doesn't want to see you sat drinking whilst she's working when you wouldn't cover - not very reasonable but service can be refused at discretion so I'd just leave it be.

Wouldn't make me feel like covering any future shifts for her though!

WamBamThankYouMaam Wed 06-Jul-16 22:13:53

OP didn't go home early. She just didn't stay late so her assistant manager could go early.

Sosostris Wed 06-Jul-16 22:14:13

Going home early doesn't include not staying on late if asked... That would be going home on time.

YANBU, there is a difference between not feeling up to 4 extra hours on top of your shift and not being well enough for a pint whilst sitting and waiting.

beetroot2 Wed 06-Jul-16 22:14:35

If you're ill why would you want to sit there and drink?

SecretNutellaFix Wed 06-Jul-16 22:15:34

Why are you all assuming the OP meant an alcoholic drink?

I think they just had the arse because you called their bluff.

beetroot2 Wed 06-Jul-16 22:16:15

OP what did you want to drink?

Wolfiefan Wed 06-Jul-16 22:17:17

Nice cold pint in a pub.
So alcoholic?
If you wanted a pint of cold water because you felt ill then you'd go home.

Hassled Wed 06-Jul-16 22:18:42

So she wanted you to pick up an extra 4 hours which were rota'd to her - you said no because you were feeling rough, and then she refused to serve you? Your only mistake was not finishing work and legging it out of there pronto.

MerchantofVenice Wed 06-Jul-16 22:19:23

She was waiting to be picked up - so she thought she'd have a drink. Seems ok to me...

Damselindestress Wed 06-Jul-16 22:20:46

Why are you all assuming the OP meant an alcoholic drink?
Because the OP posted that when they were not served they went to another pub and had a nice cold pint, which generally refers to beer not orange juice.

beetroot2 Wed 06-Jul-16 22:21:06

whoever was in the wrong here, why would you sit there are ask for a drink? I'd be gone.

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