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To be mad my builders did this?

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DimpleHands Wed 06-Jul-16 20:17:29

Currently having our house renovated and found out today our builders have thrown away two sets of brand new blinds and a pair of lovely full length curtains in a discontinued fabric I absolutely love and have had for about 12 years.

For some reason, they thought we wanted them thrown away - they fully admitted they have made a mistake and said sorry. I think they got confused because I said throw away the old black-out blinds in another room and they for some reason thought I wanted all window coverings thrown out.

I told them I was pretty upset about it and told them I will have to deduct cost of replacing them - which will be about £1,500 (this is pretty conservative) - from the amount I am due to pay them (about £85,000). The building costs are way over what we thought they would be and we are already borrowing hugely to pay for it so it's quite a bit of money to us (although even more to them...).

Now I am feeling really guilty about asking that much from them... They are two super nice Bulgarian guys who work very hard and I consider them my friends (they did my old flat as well).

Do you think IABU in deducting the money? Or do you think it's OK?

icanteven Wed 06-Jul-16 20:18:22

They should have insurance for this sort of thing.

mumhum Wed 06-Jul-16 20:24:40

Builders insurance highly unlikely to cover throwing away items by mistake. Deduct from their final price. Be careful making friends with contractors whom you are paying a lot of money, first and foremost it is a business relationship.

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