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Nurse asking parent to give rotavirus vaccination

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KnitsBakesAndReads Wed 06-Jul-16 15:07:54

My DS had his rotavirus vaccination recently. The nurse who was giving the vaccinations handed me the oral syringe with the vaccine in and asked me to give it to him as she said I'd know how to do it since I've given him Calpol before.

I'm pretty sure he spat out most of the dose. Not sure if that's because I don't really know how best to give oral medicines and did something wrong or it would have been the same if the nurse had given it herself.

At the time I thought it perhaps made sense as babies might be less stressed by a parent giving the vaccination instead of a nurse but have been thinking about it since and it seemed a bit strange. Just wondered if anyone else has had the same experience. Curious if this is standard practice or a bit odd.

Completelyparanoidihope Wed 06-Jul-16 15:10:17

Odd, only one of mine had the vaccine but it was given by the nurse both times.

welshweasel Wed 06-Jul-16 15:12:06

Mine was given by the nurse both time but if not have had a problem doing it myself. The first time he had it though I'd never given calpol before so that's a rubbish reason! By the way, not much needs to be swallowed to be effective, they give them loads more than necessary for that exact reason.

Sighing Wed 06-Jul-16 15:14:55

I was given mine to give. It's my third baby but the first time for an oral vaccination. But it was fairly straightforward. It takes a while to give them a little. Then a little more, the nurse spent that time prepping needles and doing paperwork. Maybe that's why?

Toddlerteaplease Wed 06-Jul-16 15:19:54

I'm a paediatric nurse and the majority of kids will take medicine better for parents. That is almost certainly the reason it was given to you.

sepa Wed 06-Jul-16 15:26:32

I was asked to give DD hers as it would be easier for me to give rather than the nurse as DD is more relaxed with me. It was also good practice for calpol even if DD did throw the calpol back up

NeedACleverNN Wed 06-Jul-16 15:42:03

I gave ds his. Little bit at a time with no issues. She was filling out all the paperwork

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