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To find this depressing - 35 Under 35 Management Today

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Upplaaah Wed 06-Jul-16 13:52:01

Just came across this today and it's really depressed me. YES we should be celebrating Women in Management and YES to talented under 35s but this video????

WTF is this about? They aren't asking any of the women about their actual jobs they're just showing what they look like in a cover shoot and staring into space. Surely they could have done so so much more with this video. I realise there's more content elsewhere but as a promotional video...really?

This saddens me. If this was Men under 35 there is no chance they would ever be referred to as 'confident and glamorous too'. Why does that even matter???

fiorentina Wed 06-Jul-16 14:41:49

If you listen to what they say though they are giving good advice but I agree th photo shoot backdrop and 'glamour' is a bit strange. However lots of successful women are still glam, so it's not fake in my mind?

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