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AIBU to be pissed off with hospital?

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LouBlue1507 Wed 06-Jul-16 11:27:46

I know I'm potentially BU but I'm fucked off...

I've been referred for a second growth scan yesterday as I'm measuring small and was monitored over the weekend for reduced movements. (All okay).

With my first, it took them 3 days to fit me in, I was sick with worry!

Phoned this morning to be told they had no slots available but will phone me back 'soon' as they were going to see if somewhere else can fit me in... It's been 2 hours and no phone call! I phoned after an hour to be phobbed off!

I feel stuck in limbo! I'm so cross! How can a hospital only have 3 ultrasound slots a day?

Grrrrrr!! angry

Tealeaf321 Wed 06-Jul-16 11:33:24

I got reffered last Friday for a scan and only got in yesterday, they only rang me on Monday night. I'm not sure why you think the hospital only has 3 us slots.
Yab a little u but you're allowed, I am 27 weeks and exactly the same. Chase them up if you're concerned and good luck with the rest of pregnancy.

LouBlue1507 Wed 06-Jul-16 11:44:56

Thanks.. They only have 3 slots, that's what they've told me themselves. I'm 38+5 weeks so I'm obviously on edge as it it!

I will give them another ring! Thanks x

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