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AIBU to buy a new iPhone now?

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IsThisEmmette Mon 04-Jul-16 18:37:44

First world problems grin

My existing phone is around 3 years old and is in pretty bad shape.

I really fancy getting the iPhone 6s Plus and if I sell my old phone back along with my old tablet, I'll get a really good deal.

The trouble is- I've had people telling me that the new iPhone is releasing soon and I shouldn't get one now.

The idea of waiting even 3-4 months for a new phone is annoying because I am so ready to get rid of my existing one.

Aibu to want to get an iphone now if the new one is releasing within the year? I don't even know if I'll like the iPhone 7, the leaked pictures look pretty meh. But then again, if I like it, I'll feel pretty stupid.


CinderellaRockefeller Mon 04-Jul-16 18:39:25

If you wait until the seven is out, chances are the price will go down on the six...

mrsfuzzy Mon 04-Jul-16 18:39:50

as nike would say 'just do it', put yourself out of your misery, smile.

OSETmum Mon 04-Jul-16 18:41:54

Well they release them that often that, unless you buy the new one straight away, there's always a new one due out 😂😂😂 it's usually November when the next model goes on sale (as dh insists he has to have it) so you'll have to wait a few months and if you're not bothered about the 'status symbol' of having the latest model, the iPhone 6 will be just fine.

ShelaghTurner Mon 04-Jul-16 19:45:11

I don't think the 7 is going to be all that different. Rumour is they're saving the big upgrade for next year and the iPhone's 10th anniversary.

branofthemist Mon 04-Jul-16 19:47:11

I got the 5 after the 6 came out. I don't get why people pay so much so they can have the latest I-phone. They are not that different.

Personally I would wait. The 6 will be cheaper when the 7 comes out. Or you could get the 7. Either way you have more choice

notamummy10 Mon 04-Jul-16 19:49:51

I got the 6 Plus about 5 days after the 6s Plus was announced, I saved £80 on it! It should have been £699, but I got it for £619!

SaucyJack Mon 04-Jul-16 19:55:08

What are you going to use it for?

Do you have the techno knowhow/lifestyle/job that would utilise an iPhone 6?

I've just upgraded from the 4s to the 5s, and it's plenty techy enough for Facebooking, or looking up train times or kids' pyjamas on the Asda website- which is what I realistically use it for day-to-day.

Ginkypig Mon 04-Jul-16 20:36:18

I waited until the the 6 was out for a short while before getting the 5s (it was my first smartphone)

I got a contract for £28 a month which includes unlimited txts and mins and 1gb data.

My step daughter (she pays herself for it) had to have the 6 as soon as it came out she pays £47 with less mins than me.

She says I taught her a lesson in patience as an extra £20 a month could have been much better spent on Xbox games

AnchorDownDeepBreath Mon 04-Jul-16 20:38:38

The 7 will be out early September. I wouldn't buy a 6 now because you'll be overpaying. I hate waiting for it's pretty much a month and a half!

IsThisEmmette Tue 05-Jul-16 07:57:56

Argh so confusing! Classic first world problem, but annoying nonetheless

TheNaze73 Tue 05-Jul-16 08:23:58

I'm in the same boat OP. Word round the campfire is October for the 7.

EveOnline2016 Tue 05-Jul-16 08:28:49

There is a huge differences between the iPhone 5c and 6plus

I can just go out with my phone and use my phone to pay for stuff with Apple Pay for example

Trills Tue 05-Jul-16 08:31:25

Get it.

If you can afford it.

3 months of "having a nice phone" is worth more than the drop in price you'll get when the next one comes out.

Tellmewhyohwhy Tue 05-Jul-16 08:34:30

I couldn't wait either so just got the 5SE and love it. Much better battery life and makes life easier to know I have a reliable phone. So I would go for it.

Fluffyears Tue 05-Jul-16 08:39:14

My 5 is having 'issues' and j am waiting till 7 comes out so I avoid paying £50ish a month. When the 7 comes out I'll get a 6s.

BeardMinge Tue 05-Jul-16 08:46:10

I got a 6s a few months ago when my hand me down 5 began dying. I traded that in for £100 credit and bought the new one outright as I don't do contracts.

Left me a bit cold tbh. Took it back after two weeks and swapped to the SE. New doesn't always mean better. The tiny tweaks they make to keep you upgrading aren't always worth it. The SE is great, small enough to fit in my pocket still, Apple Pay, live photo, decent camera. Plus, I figure, slightly less attractive looking to thieves than a 6/6S.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 05-Jul-16 08:49:28

6+ is brilliant. Sinc getting it last year I've lost interest in having the latest upgrades!

CrotchetQuaverMinim Tue 05-Jul-16 08:53:04

I'm interested in the 7 - apparently camera might have optical image stabilisation, which is currently only available in the plus-size versions, and the 7 is still supposed to be the smaller format. That's about the only thing that is making me wait, as otherwise I was going to go for the SE. MIne is still a 4s, and on its last legs now, but I can keep it going for a bit longer. Not sure whether the 7 will be afffordable though. The rest of the new tweaks aren't usually things I find interesting - I was happy enough with my 4s apart form it wearing out now.

SoupDragon Tue 05-Jul-16 08:53:50

Have you actually held a 6+?

They are far too big for what I want from a phone.

BadToTheBone Tue 05-Jul-16 08:57:13

I work for one of the networks and get my phones really cheap and don't pay for the contract. I still got the 6 after the release of the 6s and I'll keep it 3 years. There's very little difference in the things I actually use, so why bother waiting. Although you'll get a slightly better deal after launch of 7, it won't be much though as the best deals will be on the phone 2 back, so the 6 rather than the 6s.

JudyCoolibar Tue 05-Jul-16 09:03:04

Do you actually want a 6s, though? I really don't want a phone as big as that, I think it would be a massive nuisance.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 05-Jul-16 09:26:14

I love it. I don't find it too big at all. I hardly ever use my iPad anymore.

notamummy10 Tue 05-Jul-16 09:33:37

SoupDragon 6 plus isn't that big... Once you've got used to it that is!! It's taken me nearly 10 months to learn how to text with one hand and now I'm a pro at it!

notamummy10 Tue 05-Jul-16 09:34:57

judy most smartphones that are released are now more or less the same size as the iPhone 6/6s!

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