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to not pick DP up?

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KinkyAfro Sat 02-Jul-16 22:10:30

DP is flying home tonight, said I'd pick him up as the flight was at 7, arriving at 8pm. He messaged to say it was delayed and not leaving until 9, told him that was fine. He's just messaged to say flight not leaving until 11 so in at midnight. The thing is I've been up since 3 am for work and I'm knackered, he's got the hump because I've told him to get a taxi. Who IBU?

Tangfastics Sat 02-Jul-16 22:13:29

He is. Nothing else to say!

Howlongtillbedtime Sat 02-Jul-16 22:13:30

It depends slightly

Had he been away for 6 months saving lives and being heroic ?

A few days on business ?

A stag night and is going to arrive back stinky and smelly and pissed still ?

NavyAndWhite Sat 02-Jul-16 22:13:32

He is.

Go to bed. smile

Howlongtillbedtime Sat 02-Jul-16 22:14:19

Although the mood I am in even the 6 month heroic thing could wait till tomorrow .

NavyAndWhite Sat 02-Jul-16 22:19:58

I never understand this thing of getting people to pick you up from the airport.

DH travels frequently abroad and he always leaves his car in the car park.

ilovesooty Sat 02-Jul-16 22:32:58

Perhaps they don't have a car each.

fuzzywuzzy Sat 02-Jul-16 22:34:42

Go to bed, you don't need to be driving when you're exhausted.

ExitPursuedByABear Sat 02-Jul-16 22:36:25


ITCouldBeWorse Sat 02-Jul-16 22:37:52

Taxi. Not safe for you to drive when that tired.

skippy67 Sat 02-Jul-16 22:40:30

I flew back from Spain recently. Flight was delayed by 5 hours meaning I didn't land til 0445. DH still picked me up from the airport, and then went to work. I'd have done the same for him. So I think YABU

MalcolmTuckersEyebrows Sat 02-Jul-16 22:40:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WamBamThankYouMaam Sat 02-Jul-16 22:49:43

A suitcase doesn't fit in my car. My skis and snowboard definitely don't. So just parking at the airport isn't an option for me. We also don't have a car each as we both work within 3 miles of home.

I'd have just had a nap and picked him up.

BoopTheSnoot Sat 02-Jul-16 22:50:16

He is, and if you've been up that long you shouldn't be driving anyway. Go to bed and have a good sleep. He will get over it.

CakeNinja Sat 02-Jul-16 23:00:43

I'm undecided! Although part of that is because I can get by on a surprisingly tiny amount of sleep.
I'd like to think (if I didn't have small DC that can't be left) that I'd go.
But I don't think it's unreasonable of you to just go to bed. It's not like you're leaving him waiting, you have explained!

happypoobum Sat 02-Jul-16 23:05:16

YANBU - I wish fewer people would drive when they have been up for over 20 hours, the roads would be a lot safer.

HunterHearstHelmsley Sat 02-Jul-16 23:05:30

YABU. Have a nap then pick him up!

If he's got to get a taxi then you should at least pay for it.

GoldBear Sat 02-Jul-16 23:09:10

why on earth can't he get a cab?
It's madness to have both of you so tired, and you won't be safe to drive anyway if you are so tired.


MissElizaBennettsBookmark Sat 02-Jul-16 23:10:27

My DH flies a lot for his work.

He wouldn't dream of asking me to pick him up from the airport at midnight. That's what cabs are for.

You shouldn't have to pay for it either.

Go to bed OP. Sweet dreams brew

BathshebaDarkstone Sat 02-Jul-16 23:13:03

YANBU. You need sleep!

trafalgargal Sat 02-Jul-16 23:22:01

I have to stop my OH picking me up at airports. He feels he absolutely should . I flew back into Heathrow at 5pm in the afternoon last month and we almost had an argument over it as my take is M25 at rush hour versus public transport take the same time roughly so there's no reason to put him out.

Depends on how far you are from the airport really though.

whois Sun 03-Jul-16 00:36:03

Meh, I'm very much in the 'sort your own travel arrangements' out camp. Unless you live a really long way from the airport and it's going to cost more than £80 for a taxi.

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