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To expect that if you advertise Prime Day, it should involve numbers?

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Sadik Sat 02-Jul-16 13:58:27

Just looked up a book on Amazon to see it plastered with adverts for Prime Day. I got all excited, and imagined it might include talks / reviews of interesting books on numbers / cryptography / who knows.


user1466864758 Sat 02-Jul-16 14:04:29


user1466864758 Sat 02-Jul-16 14:05:08

Ahhhh, I get it. You're trying to be funny. hmm

Sadik Sat 02-Jul-16 14:13:01

grin so scathing, User.

I did genuinely go and google Prime Day in the thought that it was an Actual Thing before realising I was being dense . . .

Trills Sat 02-Jul-16 14:15:50

Pi Day is 14th March (if you write your dates in American anyway)

Trills Sat 02-Jul-16 14:16:38

That's a lot of sarcasm from someone who has't even set up their account properly.

user1466864758 Sat 02-Jul-16 14:20:24

I've set my account up just fine. The 'joke' just isn't that funny--so I guess the correct response is YABU.

TantrumsAndBalloons Sat 02-Jul-16 14:22:05

Your account isn't set up "just fine"

Because if it was you would have an actual user name.


user1466864758 Sat 02-Jul-16 14:24:26

You've really got time to quibble over whether I can be bothered to change the username?

Why not try addressing the original post.


MachiKoro Sat 02-Jul-16 14:24:50

You'd better watch out for super Tuesday and black Friday then.

TantrumsAndBalloons Sat 02-Jul-16 14:27:12

I've got nothing but time today User.
As for me addressing the OP- what, in the oh so helpful way that you did?

Another one with too much time on their hands, maybe...?

BombadierFritz Sat 02-Jul-16 14:33:19

Dont change your user name. Its a useful filter.

BombadierFritz Sat 02-Jul-16 14:34:09

Prime Day would be awesome

Trills Sat 02-Jul-16 15:53:07

But WHICH day would be Prime Day? There are a lot in the year that qualify.

Tomorrow is a Prime Day: 3 and 7 are both primes.

29th November has the largest primes of any day in a year?

SoupDragon Sat 02-Jul-16 16:08:12

I don't think you can have a prime day in 2016.

Trills Sat 02-Jul-16 16:13:03

2017 though...

TeenAndTween Sat 02-Jul-16 16:18:03

I enjoyed it.

There are 10 types of people in the world .....

Those that understand binary

and those that don't.

mrsfuzzy Sat 02-Jul-16 16:44:30

eh ? mrs thickie of thick town here, what are you talking about ??

AuroraBora Sat 02-Jul-16 16:47:40

I appreciate that Prime day could be a thing like Pi day is - I love that sort of shit. But it would be extremely unpredictable as to its occurrence. There couldn't be a prime day in 2016 as a pp has said... And even if we ignored the years it would be odd to have it annually on the same date as that wouldn't be very prime-like...

Sadik Sat 02-Jul-16 17:25:33

YY to an unpredictable moving Prime Day, and I think you'd have to take into account the years.

I like Pi Day, I'll even write my dates Americanly for the sake of it.

AuroraBora Sat 02-Jul-16 17:48:42

Would we look at days months and years individually? So 2nd March 2017 is a prime day as 2 and 3 and 2017 are prime.

Or is it only a prime day if ddmmyyyy is a prime? So 2nd March 2017 isn't a prime day as 02032017 divides by 3?

* overthinks * grin

Trills Sat 02-Jul-16 18:43:46

I'd make it yyyymmdd - more consistent and no US/UK arguments.

Cagliostro Sat 02-Jul-16 18:50:40

I hear ya, Sadik [maths nerd high five]

Here's a video you may enjoy. grin

MrSlant Sat 02-Jul-16 18:55:37

My son said they had a special day at school about how 'we all have gold inside us' and I got VERY excited talking about how that was true and we all contain bits of exploded stars and bits of the universe. It was a day to boost children's confidence. My day would have been MUCH better.

SoupDragon Sat 02-Jul-16 19:16:03

Or, it has to be Prime in all possible permutations of date format...

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