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To feel absolutely at the end of my tether?

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lostoldlogin2 Sat 02-Jul-16 10:30:15

I am about 9 or 10 weeks pregnant (second baby hence lack of exact knowledge on how far along I am...blush)

I had no nausea with my son. This time.....I feel sick....literally ALL THE TIME. I wake up in the night with it, I feel sick all through the day and I just feel absolutely wrecked physically and emotionally. I am not actually vomiting much....3 or 4 times a week perhaps. ....but constantly retching. ....everything stinks and turns my stomach. I live in Spain in a city so it is 30 degrees and stuffy and I am honestly reduced to tears with how I feel.

People keep saying the following....
It will only last a few more weeks then you will feel fine

But it's just part of being pregnant (from someone who has no experience of being pregnant )

These things are often psychological. ...just stop thinking about it

HAVE YOU TRIED GINGER / GINGER BISCUITS biscuit (angry angry angry fuckofffuckofffuckingfuckoff angry angry angry)

And also I feel like no one understands at all how emotionally exhausting it is.

Any experiences/tips from people who have been through similar? (NOT ginger biscuits please wink )

Abominablebride Sat 02-Jul-16 10:32:53

I've been there it's horrific. One of my pregnancies was so bad that the doctor prescribed anti sickness medication. Is that a possibility for you?

NeedACleverNN Sat 02-Jul-16 10:33:18

Pressure bands are supposed to help but did sod all to me.

I had hypermesis until 16 weeks and could only stomach Maryland cookies dipped in tea but not drink the tea
Pom bear crisps (how cliche ey) and chocolate freddos

Oysterbabe Sat 02-Jul-16 10:33:34

I just had to eat my way through it. Lots of regular bland carbs, it was worse when I was hungry. Supernoodles and weetabix got me through.

Nanunanu Sat 02-Jul-16 10:35:16

Try (!) Not to let yourself get hungry. Keep biscuits by the bed. Eat them before you are even awake.

Constant mint sucking. Again constant sugar so never got hungry and mint helps me whenever I feel sick. Polos as favourite.

Sips of fluid all the time. Again if you get dehydrated you feel more sick.

Recruit help with toddler. So that you are not so tired.

Good luck. This too shall pass

NeedACleverNN Sat 02-Jul-16 10:35:34

I also had anti sickness tablets. They worked most of the time. Didn't stop be chucking up on the shop floor when I was at work once. My boss was not impressed.

In my defence I tried to make it out back but she had bolted it because she was sorting out the safe.

NeedACleverNN Sat 02-Jul-16 10:36:05

Yy to Polos. Forgot about them.

Ineedmorelemonpledge Sat 02-Jul-16 10:39:08

Oh god yes Supernoodles. I'd forgotten they were one of my main dietary components for four months. confused

I sympathise Op, DS is 11 and if I get a whiff of Opium perfume or a certain washing power my mouth starts filling with liquid like it did all those years ago.

Bland carbs really worked for me. Cream crackers, jacket potatoes and the noodles.

Keep hydrated.

Avoid perfumes and strong smells at home if you can.

Fresh air helped me a lot. I used to walk up and down the country lane behind our house in the evening after dinner. Sometimes delicately throwing up in the bushes.

The ginger thing never worked for me.

Farmmummy Sat 02-Jul-16 10:43:04

Constant sips of lucozade, nips of toast, polos and bizarrely I second the Maryland biccies. I was horrendous with dd 1 but constant nibbling helped a little then cyclazine from doc to try and stop it a bit

branofthemist Sat 02-Jul-16 10:45:22

I was horrendous with Dd. Nibbling food kept it bay and sports drinks. I didn't eat a full meal for 12 weeks. Just small bits

NeedACleverNN Sat 02-Jul-16 10:47:28

Lucozade sports drink were a big thing for me too. The still summer fruits kind though not the fizzy orange kind.

That helped. Cold food more than hot food helped too. As soon as I smelt food I was gone.

Aaaah pregnancy. I must have been mad having the second. Luckily it was a vomit free pregnancy

RumbleMum Sat 02-Jul-16 10:47:36

Oh God, poor you. It feels like an eternity, doesn't it.

With DS2 I also had brief antenatal depression as well as constant morning sickness and remember lying in the bath wondering whether if it weren't for DS1 whether I'd just sink underneath the surface and not come up again.

As well as all the obvious food-related stuff (keeping hydrated and nibbling constantly) I also think accepting any and all offers of help so I could rest helped me.

AlistairSim Sat 02-Jul-16 10:57:04

I feel your pain, OP, just reading this has made me feel sick.

Really cold slices of apple helped a bit. Definitely little and often, I still remember the ridiculousness of being sick and hungry at the same time.

Busbikebuswalk Sat 02-Jul-16 10:57:40

You are allowed to spew on the next person who tells you it's psychological. That's an actual fact.

I agree with biscuits by the bedside. I carried Rich Tea everywhere I went and nibbled them constantly.

I hope it passes soon.

blueskyinmarch Sat 02-Jul-16 10:59:29

I just kept eating - mostly dairy lea cheese on white bread and for some bizarre reason, smokey bacon crisps. I drank lemonade. Full fat. Find food that works for you and eat only that. Your baby will survive. My DD adored smokey bacon crisps when she was little - i wonder why? grin

Sallycinnamum Sat 02-Jul-16 11:13:37

I had awful sickness with my DD, who was my second DC. Didn't have any with DS.

I can say, hand on heart, it was the most horrendous 8 weeks I've experienced, health wise.

It got so bad, even looking at my maternity dress hanging on the washing line would make me throw up. And I'd started a new job , which made it doubly worse.

In the end I was put on cyclazine after breaking down in front of my GP. It was a miracle drug and I felt so much better. Luckily the sickness stopped in my 13th week but I still shudder at the memory of it.

If that had been my first pregnancy I would've stopped at one DC!

MissMoo22 Sat 02-Jul-16 11:15:18

Full fat lemonade also worked for me. XXX mints, boiled potatoes with salt, plain pasta, salt and vinegar crisps. Yes to eating alllll day long, for some reason the pang of hunger used to have me retching.

lostoldlogin2 Sat 02-Jul-16 11:18:16

Thank you so much for the suggestions and most of all for the ACTUAL UNDERSTANDING! One of the things that I am finding hardest is people not getting it....I will see if I can find polo mints here. I can eat avocado maki sometimes but only tiny amounts ughhh !

NeedACleverNN Sat 02-Jul-16 11:19:29

At this stage in time don't worry about eating nutritiously. The baby will take everything from you so your the only one that will suffer

Eat anything you can handle as often as you can. Meals can wait

Booboostwo Sat 02-Jul-16 11:20:14

There is a really helpful HG thread on here that helped me keep my sanity through my second pregnancy (worse than my first in terms of HG but still nowhere near what other people were going through). Just knowing that other people were going through the same and could sympathise, plus seeing my name slowly crawl up the 'next due' list helped emotionally. Sorry to say that nothing helped physically, some days even water was not an option BUT it all went away the moment the baby was born. Hang in here, it is not forever and some people on the thread found relief from medication so it might be worth exploring.

Macauley Sat 02-Jul-16 11:20:14

I'm know exactly how you feel! flowers

Fizzy water is the only thing I can drink. Second the poster who mentioned smokey bacon crisps found this out the other day they taste amazing!

lostoldlogin2 Sat 02-Jul-16 11:20:25

And YES to being hungry and sick at the same time! I constantly feel like I have eaten a 10 course meal and ate too much and being starving at the same time! 😣

Sgtmajormummy Sat 02-Jul-16 11:22:09

Whoever called it "morning" sickness needs lynching!
I tried to put a positive spin on it by saying "This baby must be strong if I'm having the same reaction as an organ transplant patient!"

Dry toast was the only thing that calmed me down, but it was relentless. I remember abandoning my supermarket basket and rushing to the door to gulp in some fresh air. That certainly gave the security guard a fright!

But about 5 days after my worst attack (12 weeks, after a cup of unboiled milky tea, yuk!) it suddenly stopped. So hopefully not too long now, OP.


goodbyeyellowbrickroad Sat 02-Jul-16 11:29:02

It's awful isn't it?! Boiled fruit flavoured sweets helped with DS2 as I couldn't stand the taste of mint. Had to use kids fruity toothpaste. I pretty much mainlined Quavers for 6 weeks when I ventured out. And I ate my body weight in cherries. Try not to get dehydrated. Get rest when you can which I know is easier said than done when there's another child to look after. DS1 watched a lot of tv/films for the first 4 months of my pregnancy so I could just lie down on the sofa.

Eliza22 Sat 02-Jul-16 11:29:17

Horrendous. Really, horrendous. My heart goes out to you.

I found that if I grazed and didn't allow myself to be hungry, it was better. I worked up to the week before DS was born and there were days I'd have to skip lunch or miss a break and those days were so bad, I could barely function. So, eat little and often.

Marmite toast was my saviour. Drink plenty (doesn't matter what) and get your rest (not easy, I know in view of this being second child.

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