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To not think the doctors have the right dignosis

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findingaway65 Fri 01-Jul-16 20:03:51

Bit of an abrupt title. But i don't feel i can word it any other way. DS 8 went over on his ankle and really hurt the bit above his left ankle. We went to A&E as it swelled and he couldn't put any weight on it. No breaks just really badly sprained. Thats fine and good news! We went home after finally getting the poor boy asleep he woke and came through in the morning walking on his foot i asked how it felt and he said no pain. WOW that heeled fast i though then he said he couldn't feel two of his two i looked down and two of of his toes were red and swollen and he said they were completly numb. I said wed leave it a few hours and go to walk-in. A few hours past no change. went to walk-in nurse sent to A&E, the doctor saw him and said as he coldnt move it it was something to do with ligaments and he juts needs to rest it. I asked why it felt numb "sometimes that happens" Also said that theres no point in doing anything as he dosent use that toe to walk. We went home very confused, but believed doctor. Today not much change other than it slightly darker and he gets pins and needles in the whole front of his foot. Ive done stuff to ligamnet so has DH, three other DS's and two over DD and non of them have it numb and red. AIBU to think its something else?

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Fri 01-Jul-16 20:16:09

Even of they are broken, there isn't any treatment for them. Just make sure he wears supportive shoes when out and about and not soft trainers or canvas shoes. I've broken many a toe!

If they continue to get darker though and you worry about bloody supply go to an NHS treatment centre rather than A&E as these can x ray etc and you'll get seen far quicker.

Libitina Fri 01-Jul-16 20:19:06

When you say darker do you mean like a bruise? If you squeeze his toenail so it goes pale, does the colour come back immediately when you let go? Can he wiggle his toes? Can he feel touch on them and does it feel the same as if you touch his other toes?

findingaway65 Fri 01-Jul-16 20:22:58

just like a darker red, iyswim. Whatthefreakinwhatnow its not broken he had them x-rayed he didn't even hurt his toes he hurt his ankles. He can wiggle all but 1 toe. he has a 3 second cap refill (colour coming back) which is aprently just about fine. and its slightly colder.

GreatFuckability Fri 01-Jul-16 20:54:37

nerves can get damaged when you go over on your ankle. i've had this happen (serial ankle sprainer here!) and it just gets better on its own given time. but if you aren't convinced/its getting worse, there is no harm in asking for a second opinion.

findingaway65 Fri 01-Jul-16 21:43:07

Thnak you its just worrying as he cant feel his toe at all!

DownInFraggleRock Fri 01-Jul-16 21:59:25

If it's swollen the nerve may be compressed, which can cause temporary numbness etc. Get a compression bandage on it and keep it elevated (higher than your heart, so not just feet up on sofa).

Not all breaks show up immediately, so if it's still sore in a week, go back for another XRay

findingaway65 Fri 01-Jul-16 23:36:41

Thanks re advice on copression bandgae will look. if its not better in a few days ill take him back

amarmai Sat 02-Jul-16 00:20:35

Agree you need a second opinion . It sounds as there is more wrong than you were told . Also ask for an X-ray.

findingaway65 Sun 03-Jul-16 01:01:43

An update no better today and a blister has come uo like half a band rounf his toe if no better i think A&E in morning

FurryLittleTwerp Sun 03-Jul-16 01:10:08

a blister suggests an underlying fracture, or possibly infection. The toes would not have shown on an ankle x-ray.

I'd have him seen again - if there is infection it needs treating; fracture toes only need stepping unless they're pointing in a funny direction

GiddyOnZackHunt Sun 03-Jul-16 01:16:41

When I went in with a suspected foot fracture recently the nurse told me that they only X ray for foot fracture and not toe fracture. Depending on the location of pain they determine if an x-ray is indicated. I'd spectacularly damaged soft tissue in my foot but hadn't broken anything. You can still see the bruising 6 weeks on but my initial reaction of compression and ice was the right one.

findingaway65 Sun 03-Jul-16 01:19:10

When he first went in with ankle the did x ray toes as well so abarently no breaks in toe OR ankle

GreatFuckability Sun 03-Jul-16 04:45:31

Is there any cut on the toe? Id try and see the GP not go to a&e

TheCrumpettyTree Sun 03-Jul-16 06:07:41

Swelling can cause numbness as it compresses the nerve.

pearlylum Sun 03-Jul-16 06:29:58

Please don't take any medical advice here. If the toes are cold then there could be damage to blood vessels and the last thing you need is a compression bandage- it could lead to tissue damage.
You need more medical advice- get a second opinion from A and E or a GP.

wheresthel1ght Sun 03-Jul-16 09:11:08

A&E can get it wrong with X-Ray's. They told me I had badly sprained my foot after falling down some concrete steps and to walk on it. After blacking out with the pain I got an urgent call from a fracture specialist a week later saying to get up to the hospital adapt as there were several breaks. As a result I have lost the arch in my foot and am in almost constant pain.

Please do get a second opinion!

NB not slagging of A&E docs - they do a fantastic job but they are all rounders not specialists generally.

findingaway65 Sun 03-Jul-16 14:49:03

This is what his foot looks like today DH dosent want us to go backto A&E and thinks I am over reacting theres not cut on his foot.

wheresthel1ght Sun 03-Jul-16 15:04:36

Honestly it looks like severe bruising but it is hard to tell from a pic.

Do you have a local walk in clinic rather than A&E or else wait and see your own GP tomorrow.

findingaway65 Sun 03-Jul-16 21:07:08

Gone To UCC its apparently eczema now!

MiniCooperLover Sun 03-Jul-16 21:51:34

Are the toes still cold to touch?

findingaway65 Sun 03-Jul-16 22:00:47

Yes slightly

amarmai Sun 03-Jul-16 22:27:55

Better safe than sorry is the what my mind is saying, op.

Eczema triggered by a fall?

confuugled1 Mon 04-Jul-16 16:51:10

I broke my toe a few years ago and didn't go to the doctor for a week then had to wait another week to get it xrayed only to discover there was still a gap of over a cm between the two broken ends. It was still really sore weeks later so xrayed it again only to discover that they had missed several fractures in the foot bones...
So another one saying it can be worth getting another X-ray if things are still not right. Might also be worth ringing up nhs direct or whatever it's called now for advice.

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