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To think Labour party should split?

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princessmi12 Fri 01-Jul-16 12:36:50

Over a week since vote of no confidence first mentioned.
According to the rules ,Corbyn does not need MPs nomination to stand in new leadership elections and will automatically appear on the ballot.
He is likely to get substantial support of grassroots campaigns supporters ,ordinary members,huge trade unions backing and likely to win .
PLP seems to have media support and clearly has its own support base within the party.
I don't see Corbyn going anywhere and don't see how PLP can work with him in case he wins leadership bid. There are reports of 60 thousands new labours members since Brexit vote with around 60% of new members back Corbyn.
So would it not make sense for PLP and their supporters to form their own party to clearly represent wants,needs and ideas of particular fraction of labour party ? Is it time to split?

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