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To ask for a pay rise?

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sepa Thu 30-Jun-16 21:37:06

I'm currently on mat leave and don't go back for a few months. Im and office manager, and since taking this role on I have considerably increased the profit for what we do (this has been with the help of my fab team)
I have just found out that my office assistant has just had a pay rise up to £17k per annum (which he more than deserves the pay rise and had I been there I would have endorsed it) but this means that my wage is now less than £2k more for a lot more responsibility. Would I be U to speak to my line manager to ask for a pay rise when I do return? If so, what do you think I should ask for (I know it's hard to answer as you don't know what industry I'm in but wondering what sort of salary to ask for as a manager?)
The sort of company I work for is a bit crap with its pay as in its not standard across the whole of our company. I do know that our London manager(s) who do a similar role to me get around £28k. I do not live in London

Lweji Thu 30-Jun-16 21:40:17

You are now earning less than your assistant???

Definitely ask for demand the raise.

ExitPursuedByBear Thu 30-Jun-16 21:41:54

Ask for an equivalent percentage so that the difference is the same as it was.

juneybean Thu 30-Jun-16 21:42:19

I'm on £22k in the North East for an Office Manager role...

nannylife Thu 30-Jun-16 21:43:51

No Lweji she's earning more than them.

I'd ask for a pay rise though op

evelynj Thu 30-Jun-16 21:47:09

Ya probably being U.

Has your assistant been filling in for you or has someone else been doing your role?

Perhaps you will get a nominal pay rise while on mat leave - you shouldn't miss out on benefits due to mat leave but you aren't entitled to more imo-I've known managers to earn less than some of their team & it doesn't promote good relations to go asking for a par rise because someone else has got one, quite the opposite.

I'd say leave it a few months after you're back to see how things go. It sounds like your employers are reasonably fair-would you agree? If so, you'll probabl get a pay rise if and when you deserve one.

CalleighDoodle Thu 30-Jun-16 21:47:59

office manager job where i work in NW was advertised at £30k if that helps. But yes definitely request the meeting to negotiate a pay rise.

sepa Thu 30-Jun-16 22:16:06

One of my managers thought I was taking the piss when he asked what I earned before mat leave (he has access to my pay so no bother telling him) as it was so low
If I don't get a pay rise I doubt I would stay for long after going back as it financially wouldn't make sense with DC at nursery as after paying nursery fees I would be taking home approx £100 a week

My actual managers are lovely. The company are piss takers when it comes to pay.

I had a letter saying I have had a pay rise of less than £500 (and my assistant was for £3k).
I think I will speak to my manager (off the record) and see what he thinks. We do have a good working relationship and do speak about things outside of work. I have a while before I go back to think about it.

My assistant isn't filling in for me whilst I am gone. We have someone covering my job

sepa Thu 30-Jun-16 22:17:02

I think if I do ask then maybe ask for £24k. I'm sure my colleagues (who arnt in London) are on more than this but who knows

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